Cover Letter for Auditor

While it is necessary for cover letters to be precise and accurate, these things are more important when it comes to an auditor resume cover letter.

Since the role of an auditor is to pick up mistakes in accounting transactions and draft a clear and error-free report, there is no scope for even a minute of a mistake on the letter.

Therefore, the applicants have to think carefully and include only those things necessary to the position.

The first thing one should look at when trying for an auditor's position is to see if he or she possesses the required skills. Applying for an advertised job is easy because the requirements are often mentioned.

The same is not the case when applying on your own will. In such scenarios, the writer has to decide what exactly would prompt the readers to pick up the phone and give that much-awaited interview call.


Internal auditors must have excellent numerical abilities and analyzing skills. They have to work with complex numbers and formulas to get the figure right.

Candidates are also supposed to be able to sort any financial data in time and correctly.

Since the job requires communicating with all the departmental heads through a phone call, email, or personal visit, excellent communication and interpersonal skills go without saying. These skills are necessary in order to compile financial data for analysis.

Further, the person must also be able to work in a team since the job involves a team work. An excellent working knowledge of accounting software, Microsoft Excel, and the Internet is common requirements.

Auditor Cover Letter Sample

Robert A. Cooper
1971 Layman Avenue
Clinton, NC 28328

September 1, 2013

James V. Donahue
Hiring Manager
Reliable Furniture Pvt. Ltd.
1068 Jessie Street
Martins Ferry, OH 43935

Re: Application for the position of Internal Auditor.

Dear Donahue,

I am an accounting professional holding six years of experience under my belt. I am presently employed with the All Time Communications Inc. as a chartered auditor. I am interested in working with Reliable Furniture and hence applying for the aforesaid position.

As you would notice from my enclosed resume that I have work with two companies since graduating with a degree in accounting, I feel you can surely offer me the position. At my current position, I have been fixing my loopholes in the accounting system. Before my joining, there was no coordination among the accounting and other departments and often audit reports used to get delayed. I have managed to fill the communication gap with extra efforts, and now everything is streamlined.

I have impeccable ability in building relationship with colleagues, supervisors, and managers. I am adept in working with any complex figures and formulas. I also hold a certification for passing the advanced Microsoft Excel examination. My ability to offer attention to details has helped in picking up errors instantly thereby saving time.

With great analyzing, compiling and correctional skills, I maintain the audit record thick and clear. While auditing, I double-check that the records are processed as per law and management's policies. I hope you are interested in meeting me and would give me a call on XXX-124-4568.

I would be happy in discussing my resume with you at length, and what kind of additional roles I could perform for your company. Thank you for your time.


Robert A. Cooper

Enclosure: Resume

This unsolicited cover letter will help people looking to work in auditor's profile. Feel free to copy and edit it matching with your own experience and accounting skills.

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