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Being perfect is a great idea for sure; but every human being strives to reach the threshold. When this idea is to be manifested in various industries, consultants come in the picture. The job of a consultant is to offer his skills and expert knowledge to the company to improve quality, progress and incorporate changes beneficial to the industry. A consultant has to solve problems, suggest changes and carry out specialized tasks like monitoring, evaluating and training. A consultant usually works as a freelancer providing help required on hourly or task specifically.

Learning has no end and expertise has no measuring scales. Expertise can come at any point. Extensive knowledge does not need any certificates and degrees to get applied. However, consultants are regarded as part of management and therefore the minimum qualification to become a consultant is graduation. Master of the related subject or a doctorate is more than preferred.

All the qualifications and skills you have should find a proper way to reach to the recruiter if you are planning to apply for the post of a consultant. Resume is no doubt a good means but when a recruiter gets loads of applications the probability that he will go through your resume is very low. To prevent this there are cover letters. Cover letters are formal letters that are written to convince the recruiter that you are the best person available and suitable for the post applied for. Cover letters contain short summary of your skills, strengths, past experience and an assurance that you will never disappoint them. A cover letter is a short document which should encourage the potential employer to read the resume which is enclosed therewith the letter. The language of a cover letter should be simple without using any jargon or complex structures. The reader won't have much time to go through everything that you write since there are hundreds of resumes that she/he has to read. So, better be short yet precise, simple yet impressive.

Cover letter is divided into three parts. The first part is known as a header. It has the name of the applicant, detailed contact address with telephones and e mail id, date and reference as in from where did the applicant came to know about this vacancy. The second part is the main body of a cover letter. It includes all the important and relevant information of the candidate. While mentioning the skills, it is better to mention why and how these skills are important for the job. As regard the previous job experiences, there should only be a mention to the main responsibilities handled. The last part is of salutation.

Cover letters are never lengthy. They are written to impress the recruiter. Cover letters should contain only relevant information. Use of colors and stylish fonts are not encouraged. Cover letters should absolutely be fault free. One mistake and the candidate can lose a big opportunity. Handwritten cover letters does not create good impressions. A printed cover letter is more formal in its form.

To make the task easier for you we provide some samples of cover letters written by a team of experts with useful tips on writing cover letters. Use the samples and draft your letter to impress the recruiter. We wish you all the very best for your future.

Checkout our sample Consultant Resume Cover Letters below:

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