Recruitment Consultant Cover Letter

A career as recruiting consultant is becoming demanding these days especially for students who look for lucrative, challenging and social work. These professionals look out for deserving candidates for a job. If you are looking to apply for such a role, it is important to create a first impression upon the potential employers. This can be done by an effective resume and a recruitment consultant cover letter.

The main idea behind writing a cover letter is to get noticed by the potential employers and persuade him or her to call you for an interview. It is so important that you make yourself visible and show them that you have the qualities and skills required to be in such a post.

Cover Letter Tips

The cover letters accompanying your resume can help you let your personality come through. There are certain rules and tips that you need to follow while writing these types of letters.



Given below is an example for resultant consultant that will give you a clear idea as how to write these letters and impress the prospective employers.

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Sample Recruitment Consultant Cover Letter

Martin Brown
203 Vance Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee
United States

September 7, 2011

Carol Phillips
Hiring Manager
Gold and Silver Organization Pvt. Ltd
201 Commerce Street
Forth Worth, Texas
United States

Dear Ms. Phillips,

Your advertisement for the position of recruitment consultant caught my attention in Memphis Times. I was excited to learn that you are looking for a person with an experience I have. I believe your search for an ideal candidate will stop after you read my resume which I have enclosed with this letter.

I have worked with Fisher Group of Consultants Pvt. Ltd for the past five years. I am aware of responsibilities involved in the company. I hold a degree in human resource and have proper certification and training involved in recruitment methodologies. My key role in the company was to draft copies of advertising with wide range of media and other networking. I have also worked in different marketing techniques and strategies that helped to attract clients from different organizations. I enjoy interacting with people, the fast pace of this industry and provide the best service to the clients. My way of following the strong ethic coupled with hard work makes me an ideal candidate. This is what I can offer your organization and I am sure you find me worthy for the job role.

I would welcome an opportunity to speak to you more on this. If you could arrange an interview, it would be of great help. You can call me at (901)-302-3029 or e-mail me at

I would like to express my gratitude for your patience and consideration.

Martin Brown

Attachments: Resume and Work Experience Certificates

The recruitment consultant cover letter can help you get an interview call and improve your chances of getting your dream job. I hope your doubts on writing a cover letter got cleared. Good luck with your job search!

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