Clinical Research Coordinator Cover Letter

The Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) works under the guidance and supervision of Principal Investigator (PI). His or her role in achieving the goals of research study is vital. CRCs are involved in all major and minor duties performed traditionally by the PI. During the clinical process, they will take care of the protection of the human subject. They may also prepare institutional review board submission, develop a detailed cost analysis, coordinate with the research team, negotiate contracts with officials, prepare and submit the case report form to the sponsor and negotiate the budget with the sponsor.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

The first thing to do when you decide to write the cover letter is to research on the organization you are applying to. This process is necessary whether the position has been advertised, or you are writing an unsolicited letter. Having a prior knowledge of the company and the types of research they do will help you realize whether you fit for the job or not. Furthermore, you can clearly see what types of qualities and experience the company looks for in its candidates.

After learning about the company, note down the skills and abilities the job requires. Review your resume and pick up those key ingredients that can put you as a strong candidate in front of the hirers. Use action words in the letter as you have done in your resume. However, do not copy or repeat those same words from the resume. Understand that the resume is to show what you did in the past employment and what you are doing in the current. And the cover letter is to explain the employer what you can do for the company.

Cover Letter Sample

Billie A. Moore
4489 Black Oak Hollow Road
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
Phone: 408-779-7370


Keith P. Hester
Recruiting Manager
Pioneer Medical Center
4967 Duck Creek Road
Morgan Hill, CA 95045

Re: Application for the position of Clinical Research Coordinator

Dear Hester,

We meet many people in our lives, but there are very few we cannot afford to cut away relationship. Dr. Andrew Moray is one such person who has been my professor throughout my degree course in science in CA Science Academy. He was also involved in several research projects of yours for the last 12 years. It was he who suggested me to send an application for a clinical research coordinator to Pioneer Medical Center. With the kind of reputation your organization hold in clinical research and my respect for Dr. Andrew and my interest to work with you, I am excited in writing this cover letter.

I have always participated with great enthusiasm in all biological research projects during my degree course. I was the topper in the academy's Dean's list for four continuous years. My interest in clinical research and excellent academic achievements landed me a job as a junior clinical research coordinator with Ethos Medical Trust in CA. I served the clinic for four years on a contract and then shifted to Wisdom Pharmaceuticals as an associate coordinator.

With my new employer, I have proven my skills in reviewing scientific literature, continuing with educational activities, attending inter-state conferences and seminars, keeping abreast with the current clinical research affairs. I have prepared protocol worksheets, adverse event reports, procedural manuals and progress reports. I am experienced in monitoring research activities in compliance with the standard protocols. I have also carried out research validation and verification for the project and at home with the clinical research procedure.

Confident about my abilities and experience, I can bring great benefits to Pioneer Medical Center and become an inseparable part of your research team. To check about your interest in meeting me, I will call you in four days henceforth. If there is any query, please call me at 408-779-7370. Thank you for putting in your valuable time in reading this application.


Billie A. Moore

Enclosure: Resume

Copy the style and format of this cover letter so that you can at least get a chance to meet the hiring manager. Customize it according to your skills and abilities to match your needs.

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