Animation Designer Cover Letter

What does an employer or recruiter see in the resume to select the right candidate for their organization? The skills, abilities, qualification, experience, etc. All said and done, out of the many eligible candidates whose resumes are the ones that they like and why? Have you ever thought? Well, if not, think now; put yourself in the employer's or recruiter's shoes. If a candidate writes a letter saying how interested he is in the job profile for which you are selecting a candidate, will not he be preferred than the others who did not try to communicate this simple thing? Well, that is a cover letter we are talking about. The animation designer cover letter can raise your resume if written well.

Animation Designer Cover Letter Format

The format for writing the animation designer cover letter is simple with the basic sections that every letter has. Adopt the American letter writing style for writing it, as given in the following.

From: This section is meant for the recruiter or employer to contact you. Give your postal as well as e-mail addresses.
Name of the Sender
Postal Address Line 1
Postal Address Line 2
E-mail Address
Contact Number

Date: the date you post the letter in mm-dd-yyyy format

To: Find out the details of the addressee as given below:-
Name of the Addressee
Designation Held
Organization's Name

Re: Post applied for (Animation Designer)

Mr. / Miss. Last Name,

Body of the Letter Closing of the Letter

Salutation: Sincerely Yours,
Name of Sender

Enclosures: List the documents you plan to submit along with your resume. Set the alignment to the left when you start drafting this animation designer cover letter, as shown in the above section of this article. The font face should remain the same throughout the letter and try and keep the size small enough so as to fit the letter in just one page.

Animation Designer Cover Letter Sample

Florence Raven
615, Raven Residential Quarters
Durham Street - 14
Los Angeles
E-mail Address -
Contact Number - 223 454 3221


Evangeline Rose
Recruiting Officer
Human Resources Department
Warner Sisters Animation Limited
Los Angeles

Re: Application for the post of Animation Designer

Dear Miss. Rose,

I am happy writing this letter about the vacant position of an Animation Designer in Warner Sisters Animation Limited. The advertisement post in your official website, dated the 18th of this month says you need five animation designers. I can confidently say I can be one amongst those privileged five to serve in your company. I have done courses in animation from the University of Los Angeles in the last academic year and I am now doing my specialization course in Animation Designing. I feel proud to state that I have scored comparatively well in the university with respect to my counterparts. In my resume attached herewith kindly see the details of the projects I have done so far. I can also provide you with the CDs of the same to have a look and judge my capability for yourself.

I am very sure you do not want to lose a good candidate who wishes to convert his passion into his means of living and one who also has a high recommendation from the head of the animation department of Los Angeles University himself. Thanking you very much and hoping to hear from you soon.

Sincerely Yours,
Florence Raven


This is an example of how to write an animation designer cover letter. You can put in more details that the employer or recruiter can relate to and find useful with respect to the job profile. Weigh your skills well according to every job description and mention them. Wish you all the very best and surge ahead with confidence.

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