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Once the job search is complete and you have short listed a few jobs of your choice, the next step is applying for the jobs. Often job seekers give plenty of time and attention to resume writing, but forget one important task i.e. to draft a cover letter. Many job seekers do not realize the importance of cover letters. Some consider it a mere formality whereas others choose to neglect it completely. However, job seekers need to understand the value of cover letters. It is an important document that introduces the job seeker to the recruiter and puts forth their application for the job position. If you too would be starting with your job search soon, then here is some help for you to draft your cover letter.

We have provided below an assortment of designer cover letters. We have drafted these cover letter samples in the most ideal and professional format used for drafting cover letters. This format is sure to give your cover letter a formal outline and impress your recruiter at first glance. This format presents the ideal way of designing important details within the cover letter such as date, addressee, main letter body, reference source, salutations, enclosures etc. Job seekers are free to go through the cover letter details to understand the ideal language and tone to be used in cover letters. One cannot use a casual, frank or boastful tone. It has to be simple yet ambitious. It should impress the recruiters enough to make them go through your resume carefully and consider your application for the job position.

Designer is a professional who transforms an idea from imagination to reality. As name suggests, a designer is expected to design the concept and present it to the audiences in material form. Designers find opportunities in several fields such as information technology, fashion, art, writing, manufacturing etc. Based on the field, the job nature and responsibilities tend to vary. However, the basic job profile and functions remain the same. The important skills required for designer jobs are designing skills, ability to visualize and think creatively along with grasping powers to understand client requirements.

Designing and creativity are two important characteristics of a designer’s profile. Hence, recruiters tend to expect these two qualities within the cover letter as well. Cover letters should provide the recruiter a glimpse of your career profile. Thus, a designer resume cover letter must briefly introduce the designing skills and abilities of a job seeker to the recruiter. Another important aspect of a designer cover letter is mentioning the portfolio under the enclosures section. Portfolio is a set of examples of the designing work performed by job seekers. It is to give the recruiter an idea about the candidate’s abilities and expertise. Hence, make sure you give a reference of the portfolio within the cover letter itself so that it is not missed out by the recruiter.

Refer to the designer resume cover letter examples provided here and draft an impressive cover letter for your job search. We hope this cover letter opens up a plenty of job opportunities, suiting your requirements.

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