Senior Graphic Designer Cover Letter

People with a creative flair who don't mind the typical 9 hour working lifestyle can pursue a career as a senior graphic designer. Most of the graphic designers will always want to work with a firm where is some kind of job security as compared to all the other artists. However, people looking for jobs can never rely only on this talent to get a job as a senior graphic designer. Apt training is a must for learning the different kind of techniques used in designing, because these days even skilled and qualified applicants will have to go through a tough competition. Senior graphic designers are responsible for creating various artworks, which are required in today's marketing and business industry and this is done with the help of advanced computer technologies or by hand.

Senior graphic designers will help in creating advertisements, logos (for corporate industry), print media, digital media, product packaging, posters, etc. Moreover, along with their creative aspects, senior graphic designers need to have a strong sense of analytical thinking that is involved in this profession. Resourceful graphic designers are responsible for analyzing the requirements of the clients and studying their target audience in detail before they start designing their project. Senior Graphic designers will always have to supervise the junior graphic designers, because even they are a part of the designing team. Sometimes they will also have to recruit new graphic designers.

Most people who work at the senior level need to have completed bachelor's degree in graphic designing and possess more than three years of experience. After completing the degree they will also have to make a portfolio for showcasing the designing work before they apply for jobs in their field. Recruiters will always want to see the candidates design portfolio before they offer a job. Problem-solving and creativity are two essential skills for a senior graphic designer, accompanied with inclination towards learning new things. People keep climbing up the ladder in graphic designing by keeping themselves updated with upcoming techniques as the technology keeps advancing and the preferences of consumers change. While applying for jobs you will also have to write a cover letter to introduce yourself. Below you will find an example senior graphic designer cover letter to help you further.

Sample Senior Graphic Designer Cover Letter

Dawn Meade
805 Gerald L. Bates Drive
Newton, MA2160
Date: 2 February, 2011

Goldie Little
Human Resource
Walt Disney Studios
2845 Spadafore Drive
Saegertown, PA16433

Dear Mr. Little,

I read your posting this morning for the position of a senior graphic designer. Without wasting anytime further I am writing you this letter because I think I am the right fit for this opening. I have got the right blend of skills and qualifications, and I would welcome opportunity to learn more. I would request you to review my letter and attached resume, and then if you think I am right please contact me.

I have been in this profession since the last six years with FrameBox for United States. Prior to this, I was working as a junior graphic designer in the same organization for the animations department. Currently, I am supervising the same department, and I am looking forward for more challenges and different opportunities for marketing the same. Your advertisement states that you would be offering all these things to the candidate, along with reputation in the designing business. I have remarkable command over skills such as graphic programs, techniques, capabilities, and along with this I can manage time excellently and I have a creative side in me.

I would appreciate if I am given a chance to speak to you further about my portfolio and qualifications. Can you manage sometime in this week for a personal interview? If so you can call me anytime at 617-882-9310. Thank you.


Dawn Meade


Now, that you know how you need to draft your senior graphic designer cover letter, allow your creativity to shine in the letter. Be as creative as you can in a precise manner. Good luck!

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