Maintenance Engineer Cover Letter

Maintenance engineer cover letter will play crucial role in fetching a good opportunity. People always send their employment application along with the cover letter. Cover letter is sent to the potential employers to claim the candidate's suitability for the concerned job position. The employers may take a look at the candidate's cover letters on individual basis and screen the letter to find if they can find the candidates with the pertinent professional background and academic achievements.

The cover letters are of three kinds: the prospecting cover letter, networking cover letter, and application cover letter. Cover letters are mostly written in one page. The networking cover letter asks for the information in the senders' job research. The prospecting cover letter requests information about possible vacancies in the company. The application cover letter is written in response to an advertisement in a newspaper or in magazine. This is the most common type of cover letter.

Most of the new candidates use cover letter as a marketing tool. Cover letters are also used for proposals and executed documents. The cover letter is divided into four parts: the sender and receiver's contact details, introduction, main body and conclusion. In the header part of cover letter, the addresses of the both the parties are always followed by the greeting line. In the introduction part of the cover letter, the candidate describes about the profile he is applying for and claims how he is suitable for the position in question.

The body part of the cover letter showcases the candidate's professional and personal information which will suit the job position he is applying for. It also highlights the candidate's past noteworthy achievements, which may attract the employers. In the conclusion part of resume, it reflects the next step that the candidate is likely to take such as following up with the employers about the next round of interview or waiting for the employer to call.

Sample Maintenance Engineer Cover Letter

Tom Kirsten
4934, Park Central Blvd,
Suite 403, Weston, FL-90340
Phone: 903-102-9032

Robert Katich
Human Resource Manager,
Dayton Manufacturing Inc
043, Park Central Blvd,
Tamarac, Fl-90431
Phone: 903-203-1023

Dear Mr. Katich

With response to your advertisement in "Tamarac Daily", dated December, 12, 2011, I am applying for the position of maintenance engineer in your organization. I am confident that my six years of huge experience and exceptional ability of maintaining equipments and machinery will surely help me to give my performance in this role.

I have completed my Bachelor's degree in maintenance engineering. I have also completed a structural training program from South Weston University and that has provided me with the cross-functional experience. I have also received some professional training in maintenance engineering from previous employers

I started my career with Albert Engineering Inc in the year 2005.I have handled all the major responsibilities such as planning the routine maintenance of tools and machinery, remotely diagnosing faults and overseeing critical repairs, carrying out emergency maintenance, using computerized system to schedule the works, working with other professional in the organization, carrying quality inspections, controlling the maintenance costs and commissioning the guidelines.

I am currently working in Tamarac' Engineering Industries for over 2 and half years now. I have proved as an asset to my employer as always. I have proved my talent and dedication as a maintenance engineer once again. I handled major responsibilities like fixing the breakdown problems, writing maintenance strategies, arranging procurement of fittings, and fixtures.

I am confident that my profile will best suit your requirement and if given an opportunity, I certainly will prove my talent as a maintenance engineer.

I have, attached my updated resume for your reference. I am looking forward to work with you. Please let me know about the next round of interview.

Sincerely yours,

Tom Kirsten

Enclosure: Resume

The maintenance engineer cover letter showcases the applicant's professional and academic accomplishments.

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