Engineer Resume Cover Letter

After investing the time in creating a comprehensive resume of your engineering qualification and work experience, the next step is to write a cover letter that help to differentiate you among other candidates. The cover letter can be a complement to your resume and reflects your first good impression to the prospective employer.

Make use of standard business letter format. Write down your personal information i.e. your name, address, phone no. and the date on the top right corner of the page. A few lines down on the left side write down the name of the person and the company's address. While writing the person's name use Ms. or Mr. before the actual name.

Before actually starting the cover letter make the proper salutation. If you don't know the contact person's name write your salutation as "Dear Sir" or Dear Recruiter" or "Dear Hiring Manager" and if you know the name then write "Dear Mr. Name of the Person".

Begin the first paragraph that indicates the position you are applying for and how do you know about it. Then in the body section of your cover letter highlight your skills relating to the advertised position. Also summarize your engineering specialty as well as you can write down any accomplishments such as quality improvements, product inventions, and team leadership.

Show you interest in the job and how you are the perfect candidate for the position in the concluding paragraph. Freely ask for the interview. Mention all your contact detail that will help the employer in contacting you.

Complete the cover letter with your choice of following: "Regards", "Sincerely", or "Yours truly". Leave some blanks line after that and write down your full name.

Checkout our sample engineer resume cover letters below :

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