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Petroleum engineers work in oil companies to trace sites both on the earth and at the base of sea to excavate and extract crude oil. They are the technical people who are involved in designing, testing, implementing, digging site, and building machines that can help in extraction of raw material used in producing oil. They work as a team with geophysicists and bear the knowledge of physics, geology, computer programming and mathematics. The job is technical, challenging and requires engineers to travel a lot and be far away from their home for months. If you have the technical skills, and are ready to travel and be out, then prepare yourself for the job with a petroleum engineer cover letter.

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Petroleum Engineer Cover Letter Sample

Ruth Wright
425 Oak Street
Summer Cottage
Fresno, CA - 38299
E-mail id:


Karen Allen Human Resource Manger
Gulf Petroleum Refineries
Fresno, CA - 54677

Subject: Application for the position of Petroleum Engineer

Dear Allen,

This cover letter is for the recently advertised Petroleum Engineer position published on the 'Careers With Us' column of your website. I have the relevant degree and experience that you have mentioned as needed in applicants.

Since oil is becoming scarce due to its wide use daily world-wide, it is necessary for the Petroleum Engineers to trace and draw out oil deposits to fight the shortage. It is also required to maintain the environmental balance while dosing so. As I have the knowledge of geophysics and have worked with a talented team in the field, I can deliver the result while dealing with the sensitive issues responsibly.

I am with Tenet Petrochemicals since I graduated with a degree from California University in 2006-07. While working and gaining valuable experience, I also continued and completed my master's degree from the same university. Been working for seven years with Tenet, I have mastered the skills of tracing, designing, testing and extracting petroleum products.

I am an expert in analyzing and comparing the expenses on the project in relation to the income gained from distributing the refined products. I have researched and presented reports on a site to the company management to help in decision making. In addition, I love traveling and have no problem in being out for a long time for executing operation. Please let me know when you are free so that I can discuss about my interest to work in your company at length.


Ruth Wright

Enclosure: Resume

When referring to this sample letter, ensure that you are adding your specialty since the petroleum engineering field has different categories.

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