Interview Follow Up Letter Tips

Many get nervous while facing a job interview. This happens to every fresher and experienced candidate. Moreover, it is common to forget something while answering to the questions volleyed at you. Some may even get intimated by the constant gaze thrown at them by the interviewers. This also makes them wonder whether they have impressed the people or not sitting across the table. Anyway, whether your meeting with the recruiters ended on a good note, or you have goofed up things, you can still amend it by writing an interview follow up letter.

What purposes the interview follow up letter solve

A well-crafted professional interview follow up letter can catapult your position to the top in the final list of selection. It is an effective and accepted official correspondence employers would love to read even though it is not asked. It helps to connect with the company, reinforce your candidacy for the job position, and to demonstrate your skills, abilities and experience, including your interest. It also gives a chance to add new information missed out earlier, and strengthen any shortcomings noticed at the time of the interview. Most importantly, it is a professional way of thanking the interviewers for their time.

When to write

Candidates just don't realize that they are not the ones whom the employer has met. Several others were interviewed, and each one of them may have performed well. This also makes picking up the best among all the probables difficult for the employer. Hence, in order to be the first in leaving an impression in the interviewers' mind, you have to write the letter immediately after reaching home and post it the same day. Depending on the distance or speed of the postal service, the letter may reach to the employer within a day or two.

When you are writing the letter same day, the matter discussed in the cabin are still fresh on your mind. You can easily jot down the key points and highlight on it. Moreover, the sooner the interviewer receives your letter, it would be easy for him or her to recollect the interview episode. Furthermore, you can take the opportunity of explaining something you were not able during the interview session.

What to write

Remember, the letter is more than just a thank-you letter. You do not have to ask the reader to go back and review your resume again. Nor should you mention anything about your resume since based on which you already got the chance to meet the employer. Just remind the interviewer about your meeting with him or her by including the date and post you are being interviewed for. This will save the recipient in trying to recollect you given the fact that he may have met hundreds of candidates throughout the interview session.

Then, include something you took from the interview. For example, you may have liked the setup of the company, the interview process, or the way in which the interviewer allowed you to ease out before stepping into the cabin, etc. You can also about your knowledge on the company's project without sounding cocky.

Furthermore, tell them that you are a self-motivated and go-getter. Add something about your college project related to the job that helped you in building the ground work for your career. Include how you helped your present employer's clients and delivered results. Do not make these descriptions long more than two sentences. While your letter is being read, the interview process may still be going and therefore, the reader will have every less time. Restate your interest by stating that you are looking forward to putting in your talents to the job position.

Hold on to your patience and wait about a week to hear back from the employer. Do not send any other letter, note, or make a call to know the result. The link below for a sample letter will help you what to include in the letter.

Checkout our sample Interview follow up Letter here.

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