Apartment Manager Cover Letter

For writing a good apartment manager cover letter you need to find out sufficient information about the job vacancy with respect to the requirements, responsibilities, organization which needs you. These are some basic factors that you should consider even for applying for jobs and not just writing a cover letter. A background study goes a long way and helps a lot in the selection process. The information may be used even after one has been selected for the job for serving effectively in the concerned profile.

Apartment Manager Job Description

The job profile of an apartment manager is to take care of the property under him, make facilities for having a comfortable stay and also maintaining services, for example, maintenance of the elevators, waste management, drainage systems, etc. But the most important one is to attract tenants for staying on rent or getting customers to buy houses under him.

The second and very important responsibility of an apartment manager is to take care of the documentation of the tenants and owners, seeing whether the tasks are happening according to the rules laid down by the state government. Being a manager involves him or her to troubleshoot any kind of expected or unexpected problems in and around the property. Taking care of those problems efficiently and bringing things back to normal also is an apartment manager's duty.

Now talking of the apartment manager cover letter, the letter is written to direct the employer's attention to the resume. You may mention whatever interests you to apply in their organization, agency, or wherever you are applying. The intention is to grab the attention of the employer. The following will give you a sample cover letter for the apartment manager.

The apartment manager cover letter, which is written in the American format of writing letters, should be drafted in the soft copy. The format of placing the contents of the letter is as shown below, on the left.

Sample Apartment Manager Cover Letter

Maurice Chaplin
Flat No. 666, Jolly Roger Homes
Pirates Residential Hub - 13
E-mail Address - maurice.chaplin@somemail.com
Contact Number - (430) 100 1288


Torque Earnest
Human Resources Manager
Agency Texas Properties
Real Estate Arena - 13, Office No. 504 - 505

Dear Miss. Earnest,

Re: Application for the post of Apartment Manager

I have seen your agency's advertisement in the newspaper's employment section dated 08/30/2011. I write to you in response of the notice for the position of an Apartment Manager. I understand you need somebody to take care of the branch in Pirates Residential Hub. I am a resident of the area since two years now and am very well aware of the issues faced in this area along with being acquainted with the concerned authorities who are to be contacted for different problems.

As is evident from the recent news that is circulated we have been under renovation and the local committee also has decided to contribute some amount of money for refurbishing the children's park. I see a lot of scope for improvement and business. I have worked in this field for the last one and a half years and have a fair amount of idea of how to attract tenants and maintain good relations with them.

I am sure of having a fruitful association together. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you very much.

Sincerely Yours,
Maurice Chaplin


This was an example of the apartment manager cover letter that you can follow and personalize according to your credentials. Make sure you mention something that you know about the particular area the employer wants to focus and for that you need to do some homework to find out what is it that the employer is looking for. This will help you create a strong and good impression on him or her. If you are successful in doing this half your job is done. Your aim is to get the employer or recruiter to read your resume. Have confidence in yourself and give your best in portraying yourself in the cover letter. All the best!

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