Product Manager Cover Letter

Are you ready with an updated product manager cover letter? If you are not, then we can help you in creating a personalized cover letter which will keep you ahead in the competition you face from other applicants. Whether you are a freshman or an experienced professional, you have to present a separate product manager cover letter for each job due to varying requirements of every job.

A product manager is found in every organization that manufactures a specific or a range of products for business and consumer requirements. The job of a product manager is to develop and implement marketing, promotional and other strategies for products. He has to ensure that the products are manufactured in accordance with the design and feature specifications and also functional when ready. A product manager has to ensure that the products manufactured by the company are well distributed and accepted by the end users to increase sales and revenues. Leadership, problem solving, analytical and organizational skills are mandatory to excel as a product manager apart from educational qualifications.

How to write a Product Manager Cover Letter

While every professional aspires to reach at echelon of success in their professional life; few of them realize that a product manager cover letter will help them as much as their experiences and skills. For preparing a simple and informative cover letter, you just need to be honest with the facts and information related to your professional life. You are not supposed to put in each and every detail of your journey as a product manager. Only an overview of your experiences will satisfy employers' requirement. Try to be as polite and humble as it also gives a professional touch to your cover letter.

A sample product manager cover letter will answer your queries and doubts related to cover letter writing.

Sample Product Manager Cover Letter

Christopher G. Hodge
2901, Chrysler Housing, Cornell Square
Las Vegas, Nevada 23510
United States

Date: September 28th, 2011

Rebecca M. Fischer
Recruitment Manager
Presley Industries
Las Vegas, Nevada 23510
United States

Dear Rebecca,

I just read Industrial Insight magazine and came to know about requirement of Product Manager for your new manufacturing facility in Las Vegas. I am very glad as this is one opportunity that matches my preference and if given a chance, I will definitely prove my skills in the most efficient manner at workplace.

As a product manager, I possess a cumulative experience of thirteen years on the job experience and two years of experience as an assistant product manager during initial days of my career. Currently I am working at Pro-Light Industries as a Product Manager. Prior to this job, I worked with Dexter Industries in Carson. In my career, I have worked for various in-house and outsourced projects where my responsibilities were to create a proper marketing, branding and distribution strategies for different products. All the projects were completed within scheduled time and up to clients' satisfaction for outsourced projects.

Despite having worked for more than a decade, I still feel as a freshman who is always willing to learn new concepts and work passionately in order to achieve perfection at work. I always strive for new challenges that allow me to stretch myself and work more efficiently than before.

You can go through my credentials and resume and learn about my educational qualifications. It would be a pleasure if you can arrange for an interview so that we can discuss further details.

Sincerely yours,
Christopher G. Hodge

You must have noticed that the applicant in this sample product manager cover letter explains his qualifications and interest to the employer in a very simple language. While writing your cover letter, adopt a similar style to distinguish yourself from other candidates and impress the employer.

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