Product Manager Job Description

As the title suggests, this position has anything and everything to do with a product launched by the company. The product manager has to manage all things regarding the products like its launch, sale, distribution etc. To know more about this job profile, read the product manager job description we have provided for your benefit.

Simply put, the product manager has to see everything regarding a product or service. They are the brains behind its launch and have to increase the sales of the product. The product manager will look into every aspect about the product. First, they will design the product with the engineer, and then they will work with design team for the packaging of the product. Later, once the product is launched, the manager will then work with the, marketing and sales team, creating a network for distribution.

Once, the product is launched and it succeeds, the manager will have to look after the product, it's after sales service and any further modifications required. They will be in charge till the popularity of the product exists. Later, they will move on to another product, or something else, as decided by the management.

The product manager has to know the functioning of each department. They have to coordinate with the heads and employees of those departments. They have to report the performance of the product to the high level management and then it is their prerogative on whether to continue with the product or no. The manager is like the parent of the product and has to nurture it from its birth to death.

These are still just a few of the duties of manager, to know further, read the product manager job description.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Product Manager

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Career Advancement

The product managers move onto the posts of seniors and occupy the top brass of management.

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