Program Manager Cover Letter

A simple and informative program manager cover letter is always advantageous. When it reaches to the desk of the employer, it can easily convey the desired message. To gain a professional advantage over other applicants, a well written cover letter is a must.

A program manager is employed in different organizations with diversified business. Whatever the organization may be, a program manager will be required to manage different projects of the organization and ensure that every activity is executed as per plan. A program manager is expected to be highly organized and a confident team leader. If working in a technical industry, a manager should possess excellent knowledge of machinery, equipments, hardware and software.

How to write a Program Manager Cover Letter

The format being the same for all cover letters, the only thing that differentiates your program manager cover letter is the content and language used to present the content. Always pen down your most recent experience combined with an overview of your technical and soft skills. Do not go on to describe every minute detail as it will consume more space on paper and irk the employer. Keep it restricted to a single page. A sample of program manager cover letter will be helpful in explaining you the things we discussed above.

Sample Program Manager Cover Letter (1)

Charles Walbridge
295, Mercenary Street
New Orleans
Louisiana 53610
United States

Date: December 5th, 2011

Tracy White
Human Resource Manager
Symonds Technologies
C-3, InfoTech County
New Orleans
Louisiana 53612
United States

Dear Tracy,

I am writing this application in reference to the advertisement posted for the vacancy of Project Manager in your software development facility. Please allow me to present my skills and experience through this application to know if I qualify for this position.

I am an experienced Project Manager with a wide exposure to different methods of developing and testing applications. I am working at Soft-Tech Inc. for the past seven years prior to which I was employed at EQ-Technologies. My knowledge is not limited to software development and testing as I have successfully participated in the development of marketing and promotional strategies for new products as well.

With passing time, I have been updating myself with the latest technologies through constant learning and practice. If provided an opportunity, I will definitely meet your expectations.

Please find my resume and credentials and let me know when I can appear for an interview. Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to receive a positive reply from you.

Sincerely yours,
Charles Walbridge

Sample Program Manager Cover Letter (2)

John Martin
C-22, Jacinta Housing, Lester Square
New Orleans
Louisiana 53611
United States

Date: September 24th, 2011

Jack Thompson
Recruitment Manager
Ketchum InfoTech
A-7, Business Quantum, Lawrence Square
New Orleans
Louisiana 53618

Ref: Ivan McCoy, Employee ID 7994600

Dear Jack,

I had a conversation with my friend in your organization who told me about the requirement of Program Manager. I am a highly experienced and knowledgeable professional and I expect that you will find me eligible for this position.

I began my career thirteen years ago as I got my first job at Sapphire InfoTech. I worked there as an Assistant Project Manager. Later I got an opportunity to work with Redline InfoTech where I was promoted and made a Project Manager. My area of expertise includes but is not limited to Agile Development Practices, OLAP, Apache and other platforms of application and web development.

I am highly passionate for this profession and it gives me immense pleasure to face new challenges at workplace. As a weathered professional, I find it easy to adapt myself to new situations and work well within a large team of equally skilled professionals.

My resume and photocopies of credentials are enclosed along with this application. Please contact me on my mobile number or e-mail address if my qualifications match the job criteria. Looking for a positive reply.

Sincerely yours,

Remember that your efforts will go waste if there is a grammatical or typo error. Please check your program manager cover letter thoroughly and correct any mistake before it's sent across to the employer.

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