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Marketing is an interesting career field. It is not restricted to selling of goods but goes beyond that and includes market study, product planning and distribution and consumer satisfaction. Job seekers planning a career in marketing field need to be adept at communicating and introducing novelty while drafting their marketing strategies. Hence, if you are applying for a marketing job, make certain you draft an equally impressive resume and cover letter that portrays your skills and abilities of handling responsibilities as marketing personnel. To help you in this important task, find here assistance on drafting effective cover letters.

A cover letter is a supplementary document forwarded to the employer along with your resume while applying for jobs. Though a cover letter is drafted in concise and brief language, it says a lot. A cover letter helps to show your interest for the job and create a sense of curiosity in the mind of the recruiter about your job profile. Hence, to ensure that the first impression of your career profile is positive, draft a formal yet appealing cover letter for your job search.

We have provided here an assortment of cover letters referring to career profiles ranging from the entry level to the director positions in the marketing field. Find listed below the cover letters for several marketing job profiles. Each cover letter highlights the key requirements and responsibilities of this job position. Remember to highlight those details within your cover letter as well as it will enhance your chances of getting selected. Job seekers are free to use the format provided here and draft their own cover letter sample. The format provides guidance on placing the recruiter's details, references, application, career details and salutation within the letter appropriately.

Job seekers often make the mistake of drafting a detailed cover letter that includes long paragraphs of personal and professional details. As mentioned before, it is tool to communicate your interest in the job position and put forth your application. Hence restrict the content to two to three paragraphs and do not go beyond one page in length. All the marketing job seekers require communication skills, high patience level and innovative skills to be successful in their jobs. Cover letter should be impressive enough to convince the recruiter of your skills and abilities.

Cover letter sells your resume while the resume sells your profile. Hence, it is important that the cover letter and resume holds the capacity to create interest and enforce the recruiter to go through the resume intently. You may add details of your educational qualifications, work experiences, project details or achievements as required giving brief introduction of your job profile. Make certain the details you put within your cover letter relate to the job application and fulfill the expectations of the recruiter.

Job seekers are free to read the given cover letter examples and take an idea on effective ways of drafting cover letters. You may make changes to the content or format as may be expected by your prospective recruiter. We hope the given marketing cover letter samples make your job application strong and help you find your dream job soon.

Sample Marketing Resume Cover Letter

Carol F. Rivera
4855, Farmland Avenue
Rockford, Illinois 61108
Phone Number - 830-538-3912
E-Mail Address -

Justin A. Hanson
Human Resources Manager
Great Sharks Marketing Agency
Castroville, Texas 78009

Dear Mr. Hanson,

I write this letter to you with reference to the advertisement post in the online job portal,, dated 12/20/2011. The notice posted by your recruiting department has furnished details about the requirement you have for the position of Marketing Assistant in your organization.

I wish to apply for the position because of my strong inclination towards business and a keen sense of profit making. I was responsible for increasing the profit margins of my earlier company. I conducted relevant surveys for the same and am proud to state that my contribution was well appreciated by my seniors.

The reason for looking for a change in the job is a relocation from Rockford. Since my company does not have a branch there in Texas, I thought of the best option available, Great Sharks Marketing Agency.

I plan to come to Castroville and wish to meet you towards the end of next week. In case it is not possible for you to meet me on Friday kindly intimate me the same.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,

Carol F. Rivera

Enclosures: Resume

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