Receptionist Resume Cover Letter

A receptionist is a person in an administrative or office support position. This person most often provides the first impression of any organization or company. He/she has to perform tasks in waiting area such as lobby or in front of office desk of an organization.

Answering the phone, greeting visitors or clients and maintaining a professional office environment are few of the important contributions to a place of business. Skills, personality and training all play a very crucial role in the quality of a receptionist.

Know about the company, which is seeking for a receptionist. Then read the advertisement of the company for the specified position of receptionist. Now you are familiar with the company and the position requirement, pick out the parts of your resume that match with the qualifications expected. This will be helpful for you to provide the only needed information in your cover letter for the receptionist job.

From the advertisement you will get knew about to whom, you have to send the documents. End up it correctly and send your documents to a specific person motioned in the advertisement or personnel department director.

In the introductory statements, specify your ability to perform efficiently the duties. Emphasize on your skills and personality so that the director feel that you truly get the significance of the receptionist's role in relation to the environment of the office.

In the body part of your cover letter, write down about your experience that will be matching to the duties required by the company. It is the correct time to write about your ability to multi-task in a busy office and work as an efficient and effective team member.

At the end, write down a concluding paragraph and a brief statement of appreciation for consideration. End your cover letter with closings like respectfully or sincerely. Keep a professional attitude throughout the letter.

Sample Receptionist Resume Cover Letter

Richa Anderson
1234, West 67 Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7890.


Justin Holloway
XYZ Company
1234 Archer Road
Gainesville, Fl 32607
(352)-555 1635

Dear Mr. Justin,

I read about your job openings on for a part-time receptionist. I am searching for such a type of position only. I was working as a receptionist for my previous employer, Best Lucky Bakery, in Duluth, Minnesota. The job of receptionist suits, my seasons in life, as the mother of two children, my personality, and also give me a chance to support a company in our community.

I am aware of what is required for the job of receptionist - communication skills in person and on phone, in an energetic manner and a pleasant voice, familiarity with company and its products. I could start without more ado.

Would you like to meet me to talk about the requirements for the job you are offering? If so, please contact me on the above phone number to arrange for the date and time that is suitable for you. I appreciate your reading my cover letter.



Richard Anderson.

Enclosure Resume.

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