Sales Executive Cover Letter

What differentiates an impressively good resume from just a good resume? The inclusion of a well-written cover letter. Unlike earlier times, most aspirants give more importance to cover letters than building resumes. The reason is simple? A cover letter is something that introduces the candidate to the potential interviewer or hiring manager of the company. It is no wonder when we get to know that people with good cover letters get more job offers than those who loiter around in the Internet with mere resumes.

The following sample cover letter will help you know how to build a sales executive cover letter so that your interviewer does not give a second thought in arranging a meeting with you to discuss about the job you desire to attain in the company.

Sample Sales Executive Cover Letter

Dick Richard
201 Fountain Street Northeast
Grand's Rapids Michigan
United States

August 30, 2011

William Goodwill
Head of Hiring Department
Beta Company Pvt. Ltd
203 Fulton Street Rapids
Grand Rapids, Michigan
United States

Dear Mr. Goodwill,

I am glad to inform you that the requirements that you have mentioned in your advertisement for the post of sales executive, are just in sync with what I have attained in all my years of work as a senior sales executive in Beta Pvt. Ltd. Through this cover letter, I intend to highlight my educational qualification, and my past work experience so that you can decide if I fit the role of a sales executive in your company.

I graduated from the California State University of Fullerton in Marketing, and in the later year I also did my Masters in the same. Additional, I also did some courses in business management for two years in a renowned institution in New York.

Over the past 6 years of working in the sales team with Beta, I have been able to acquire and hone several skills which are important towards the company's revenue, growth and success. Being a senior sales executive I had the exposure to dealing with financial analysis, advertising and marketing. I was also responsible for making presentations and flowcharts for potential clients, and for other executives as well. Working in Beta helped me master the skills to actively participate in promotional campaigns, and negotiating contracts. Dealing with budget constraints, national banks and mortgage brokers has also been a part of my job there. Since you have started a recruitment drive for a sales executive in your company, I would like to take the opportunity to channelize my skills to work for the progress of the company.

I am certain that the above description would have made a positive impact on your mind, and I would be glad if we arrange a personal interview for further discussion. I can be reached at my telephone number (616)-203-3029, or via e-mail which is

Dick Richard

Attachments: Resume and Work Experience Certificates

These were some most important points to remember when you are composing your sales executive cover letter. Always ensure that whatever you intend to mention in the cover letter should be a part of your job profile in your past association with any company. This is for the simple fact that a cover letter is just the first step, and whatever follows after that would be a sure outcome of the personal interview. Hope this article helps you out with your job hunt for sales executive and takes you places. All the best!

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