Handyman Cover Letter

A handyman is a person who is highly skilled craftsman on performing various jobs like repairs and renovations whenever required. A skilled handyman will have to take care of repairs in businesses and private homes as required. The general duties of a handyman are repairing units and clearing them in the apartment complexes in the occupancies, perform renovations on properties and maintain the general upkeep like paintings.

Sometimes they will have to clear the drainpipes, water the gardens and grass, haul garbage and clear drainpipes, always make sure that proper disposal methods are followed. A qualified handyman will also respond to all the emergency calls from the management of building or sometimes directly from the residents itself. Rarely a handyman will be required to submit bids on jobs, which are not suitable for or out of budget for a specific project. In such instances, a handyman will have to communicate the budget where the management will be outlined and manage the entire contract with the contractors.

A qualified handyman should know how to prioritize things in effective and timely manner. There will never be a set schedule for this profession and hence they will have to be flexible, especially during nights and weekends and sometimes overtime is expected. A handyman needs to be highly organized as these people will have to maintain good records of tools, invoices and receipts. Sometimes even confidential information will be shared with the handyman like charge accounts, gift cards and debit cards. Also, they have to maintain the well-being and security of all the teammates.

Being a handyman is not an easy task, as there is a lot of hard work involved in this profession. If you have some right experience and looking for becoming a handyman, then start writing a cover letter to get noticed by employers. Here is an example handyman cover letter that you can refer to.

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Handyman Cover Letter Sample

Your Contact Information
Susan Stone
4985 Green Street
Nashville, TN37228
Mobile: 615-627-8820
E-mail id: s.susan@example.com

Employer Contact Information
Ms. Deborah Johnson
Life Center Community
4966 Maloy Court
Kanorado, KS67741


Dear Ms. Johnson,

I came across the job opening of a knowledgeable and experience Handyman in the Monday edition of Kansas Times. I am sure that I would prove to be an excellent match for your organization and this post; I am attaching my resume for further review.

My experience in being a handyman is extensive, and I have been in this role for more than ten years now. Currently, I am working as an on-call handyman for a commercial complex, where I have to tackle tasks and systems like: painting, carpentry, cleaning, snow removal, plumbing, yard work, HVAC, light electrical and cleaning. I always carry my own equipment and tools, along with reliable transportation for helping me transport equipment and supplies for repair work.

I also posses excellent communication skills, the experience that you are seeking, and all the abilities for making repairs instantly with a quality check are matched with my skills. I am available for a meeting anytime you want, as I think that a personal meeting for discussing this job further will be helpful. You can e-mail me at s.susan@example.com or call me at 615-627-8820. Thank you for reviewing my cover letter and considering my application.

Susan Stone
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume, Work Portfolio and References

Cover letter is no less than a resume. A resume will prove to be useless if it has not been accompanied by a covering letter, because this is the only way to impress the employers and making them read your resume. Therefore, doesn't matter how lazy you are at writing this letter, you will have to write a covering letter to get a job. Keep it precise, short and simple.

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