Thank You Letter for Job Interview

Now that you have given an interview and are confident of getting a call for a second round, you still have to wait until other candidates have completed their rounds. As the interview session goes on, there are chances that the interviewers must have rated you and another candidate similarly, and now they have to decide in between you two. In such a situation, you can still make a last impression on the interviewers by sending them a thank you letter for job interview. This letter is the most powerful tool to show your mannerism and express courtesy for efforts put by them in arranging and scheduling an interview with you. Remember, being polite and showing respect for other's time and effort always pays.

Now don't sit and wait for a second interview call, and instead grab a pen and a paper to write down the letter. If you have not written it before and wondering what to write it, these tips will make it easy for you.

Tips to Write a Thank You Letter

Timing is very crucial when writing the thank you letter. There is no use of it if the letter is written after two days of the interview. You have to write and drop the letter in the mail-box the same day you are interviewed. It will be easy for you to recollect important points that were discussed and help the interviewer in short-listing.

  • First Paragraph

    This paragraph is to thank the interviewer and remind him or her about the position you have been interviewed for, including the date and time it was held. Adding one more sentence about the company's success, vision or goals is also accepted here.

  • Second Paragraph

    Here, you can describe again what makes you believe you can fit in the position as required by the company. Just highlight briefly your experience and skills matching to the job position. In one or two sentences, indicate what benefit you can bring to the company through your employment. Further, write something that has ignited your interest to work for the company.

  • Third Paragraph

    Pick a topic from the interview session that you liked the most and write about it. You can also clarify why you were unable to answer clearly to a question thrown during the interview, if any.

  • Fourth Paragraph

    This last paragraph is for re-thanking the interviewer for the time and hard work he or she has put in. Also mention that you are available for a second round of an interview as and when required. Conclude the letter by expressing your expectation to hear from or meet them soon.

    Job interview thank you letter has the potential to bring a smile on the face of the interviewers and take a psychological advantage. It surely helps to sway the decision and win a second chance. Checkout the sample here.

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