Aerospace Resume

Good physical fitness, vocational skills and knowledge, and manual dexterity are the key features an aerospace industry requires in candidates. There are several job position in this industry depending on the skills of a person. One can work as a worker, engineer, technician, mechanic, clerk, and aerospace wiring integrator. So, based on your skills and experience, an aerospace resume must show that the candidate is capable of designing and testing an aircraft, performing repair and maintenance works, and supervising workers in the manufacturing process of aircraft.

The candidate must highlight his or her ability in scale drawing, mathematical calculation, statistical analysis, numerical aptitude, communicate clearly through writing and oral communication, and think critical.

In short, the resume must focus on the following important factors in order to impress the employer:

Research, design & development:

Since the aerospace industry is technology driven, there is endless scope for further development. Employers need candidates who are good in researching and developing something unique. The research could be increasing the passenger seat capacity, reducing fuel intake, eliminating certain failures that pose threats to lives, etc. If you have worked on any such projects, whether for national or international organization, highlight your research abilities.

Besides research, if you are involved in designing and production stages of an aerospace product, include it by clearly defining your involvement in each stage. Doing so will demonstrate that you have complete knowledge of product manufacturing.


There are always a high risk of failure in design and manufacturing process of an aerospace products. Even a simple mistake or wrong step in the process can make the company suffer a huge loss. If you have solved any major problems that have saved money and time of the company, highlight your achievements. These type of troubleshooting abilities can differentiate you among others applied for the job.


Experience helps in developing knowledge and skills. Include all your related experience regardless of whether you worked as a contract worker or for the company. Describe your duties, the goal and time period of the project, the workforce involved, the total cost, etc. Mention whom you were reporting. If there was any initiative you have taken that speed up the production, include it.

You may have worked in different post in the aerospace industry. Show employers the types of technical and mechanical skills you gained serving in different roles. If you have worked on a software applications, mention it. Also, state the safety regulations your have followed while working in different stages of aircraft manufacturing.

Checkout our sample aerospace resumes below:

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