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You can work as an attendant at a hospital, gym, hotel, resort, bar, shopping complex, research lab (computer, science, and technology), laundry, airport, and aboard an aircraft. Training for this job is mostly on the job, and the education required depends on where you're working. However, you need to have good communication and customer service skills, attractive personality, and knowledge of the work process. Furthermore, your employability will depend on how your attendant resume presents skills, abilities, and experience for the job.

But what makes writing the attendant resume tough is the different duties and responsibilities entailed in the job. You cannot copy and use any resume sample for applying despite the job title or designation being the same. It is essential to create your own identity and show you're an expert in what you do. So, let's take a look at how the resume needs to appear.

Tips To Write an Attendant Resume

The core essence of an attendant job is customer service. The very basic reason organizations hire people in this role is to attend their customers and guests. That's why hospitality, healthcare, fitness, airlines, research labs, and commercial industry enforce tough hiring practices. So to show the companies you best fit in their work culture, highlight these core skills.

Customer service skills

An attendant job is customer-oriented. In fact, the main foundation of this job is based on customer service. Companies want people who can handle a wide range of responsibilities to keep customers happy, comfortable, and satisfied. In short, people need to feel happy and provided with best experiences for doing business with the company. Whether it's cleaning a specific area to make customers feel homely, assist them with parking, and attending to their needs with a smile, the job you do must leave a trail of positive impression.

There are two ways to highlight your customer service skills.You can create a heading for job skills and provide bulleted lists of skills under it to read like this:

There are other skills that are essential to include such as stamina and neat and clean appearance. Including the former will suggest that you're able to lift heavy objects and be on your feet for most of the time. And the latter will demonstrate you're aware about representing the company and hence pay much attention towards your grooming. After all, your neat and clean appearance reflects the company's image.

Show knowledge of the job

Whether you're assisting a customer with doing an exercise, parking a vehicle, cleaning an area, stocking goods, or providing care to a bed-ridden patient, following safety procedures is vital. Each of the industry has it's own regulations and safety policies. So regardless of the industry, you need to have the knowledge of this crucial element of the job. Since the work you do will have a significant impact on the safety of customers, demonstrating your knowledge of safety for the job is must to get an interview call.

Further, you can include any certification program that teaches how to save a person's life or rescue people from danger. Mentioning CPR, First aid, or training for emergency response can help in creating a soft corner for yourself in the recruiters' minds.

Impress the recruiters with your work experience

Since the main role of the attendant is to assist customers, the work experience section of your attendant resume will strengthen the probability of a selection for an interview, provided it's demonstrated in a professional manner. The best way to show it is by using action verbs like the ones given below:


An attendant job doesn't require any higher education unless you're are applying for a laboratory attendant job. Nevertheless, it's necessary to include it in the resume even if you've passed a high school diploma. Any additional training for an attendant job can also go in this section. You can further make your education impressive by including licenses.

Resume format to use

Functional resume: If you're just starting an attendant profession, or looking for a career change, then use combination resume format. This resume as the name suggest is a combination of chronological and functional resume formats. Using it will help emphasize transferable skills and work history quite easily. It is best for including different types of experiences in a single document.

Chronological resume: If you're in a single profession for a long time, and have an impressive record with continuous employment, then chronological format is the best. The good thing about it is the convenience for the recruiters and the applicant tracking system (ATS) for scanning.

Functional resume is useful when you want to emphasize your skills and strengths. You can organize your work experience into categories and highlight accomplishments and transferable skills. You can use this resume in case of gaps in your career.

As everything is covered to help you draft an impressive attendant resume, we're sure you have already gained much confidence by reading the tips and the ways to highlight your skills and work experience. Additionally, we've also provided attendant resume samples for different industries. Look at the links below and pick the one matching your profile and customize it.

Sample Attendant Resume

Checkout our sample resumes below :

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