Billing Resume Examples and Tips

Billing is a process of sending details of accounts to customers for goods sold or services rendered. The document used in this process is called as a bill or an invoice. The seller attaches the invoice to the goods, or it can be forwarded separately. In the billing career field, the person gets employed as billing clerk, billing specialist, billing documentation specialist, billing and coding specialist, and many more opportunities.

Prior to applying for a job position, make sure that the requirements of the job position are relevant to your area of expertise in the billing sector. While presenting you billing resume, give a good structure to it because people looking into your resume should will be able to get information quickly.

The structure of billing resume should be somewhat like this:

Mention your contact details separated with proper spacing between each line, so that this type of information is clearly readable for those looking to contact you. Clarify what is your job objective immediately after the contact details. Try to make the objective in one sentence. However, it should not be incomplete either. For example, “Seeking a billing clerk position in a reputed organization.” While it is compulsory to mention the job position, you must also add how you are going to help the organization with your experience, education and skills. Specify your educational qualification. Add any skills that you have acquired or any special training that you have undergone. Mention everything that will be of use in your billing job.

Under the job summary details, mention achievements and skills relevant to the job you are applying for, so that the skill required for the job matches with your current experiences. Make use of keywords such as billing manager, billing analyst, financial assistant, billing clerk and so on, in your resume that will help in drawing employer's attention.

Lastly, reference is also important in forming a well-structured resume. Remember, before furnishing the details, speak to the people or person you are going to use as a reference. If the due date for submitting the application is near, just add “on request” under the reference heading.

Sample Resumes

Checkout a few resume samples of billing job profile:

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