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The health care industry is expanding owing to the growing population and emergence of new diseases. Hence, it is creating several job opportunities for trained and talented individuals. While there are many disciplines a person can work in this industry, we will discuss here about the health care professionals who study for years and train hard to ensure medical services are provided to one and all as required. The professionals we are talking about are none other than the healthcare managers. The position at which they work is very important for the patients and the industry. Their management skills help to see that every function in the facility is operating smoothly and there is no shortage of either workforce, equipment, medicines, etc.

A job of a healthcare manager is to handle a medical facility's finances and operations. He or she will ensure that the reputation of the facility touch new heights through excellent and high-quality patient care. For this, the job holder will ensure that the medical staff such as physicians, surgeons, nurses and others have all the necessary resources required to deliver quality services.

As it is evident from the job description how important the job of a healthcare manager is for the health-care industry, giving maximum attention in writing a professional health care resume is also important. If you are trying to fill in a vacant position or fit in a newly-created one, you must present your credentials and knowledge of the industry precisely. Since finances and operations are the key areas you will be looking after, your resume has to be something that is written by a management expert. If you are skeptical about whether it will have the kind of impact to land you an interview call or not, rest your doubts with this sample resume.

Sample Resume

Robert S. Carroll
2329 Raoul Wallenberg Place
New Haven, CT 06510
Phone: 203-867-3951

Executive Summary:
Healthcare manager with six years of continuous work experience from reputed hospitals each with over 300 beds for patient care. Excellent knowledge of finances and operations. Possess strong problem-solving and decision-making skills, including strategic planning and handling legal issues.

Key Strengths:

Work Experience:

Healthcare Manager
XYZ Hospital Network, New Haven, CT
2012 - present

Healthcare Manager
Maryam Memorial Hospital, New Haven, CT
2008 - 2012


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