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Caretakers are hired for short-term or long-term depending on the nature of employment. They take care of properties, and assets. In some cases, their help is also needed to look after an aged and sick person, a kid, or an animal. Individuals will need them to take care of homes in their absence when they are away for a long vacation. Employers will appoint them to take care of a factory, building, plot, an office, etc. In short, the term 'caretaker' can be used in diverse ways according to the needs of the employers.

Since the job description of a caretaker keeps changing from employers to employers, you must be skilled enough to perform everything asked to you. The only challenge you have to face to get this position is drafting a resume. A skilled and experienced caretaker must express his or her qualities in a unique way that can make the employer think of you as 'perfect' for the job. To achieve this kind of impression, simply follow these writing tips for your resume.

Know what the employer wants you to do
This is the first step towards creating a target-oriented resume. Since needs of employers are different, it is possible that the skills required for one job will not match with another. If you are expecting to take care of a house in an absence of the family, know what kind of maintenance work you have to do. There may also be daily errands that you have to perform. If the job position is with a company, find out whether you are supposed to take care of a factory, building, plot or an office.

Highlight your job-specific skills
Focusing on your skills becomes easy once you know what is expected from you. Highlight at least five skills required to execute the entailed duties. List them using bullets so that they are easy to read and look elegant. If the job is to take care of a sick person, you must add compassion, communication, know-how on when to administer medication, meal timing, etc. For a job of watching over a property, skills such as mechanical, janitorial, multi-tasking and organizational are must be included.

Mention your education
The job of caretaking generally does not require any specific education. Of course, if the job is for caring an ill person, you have to complete necessary education related to nursing. For looking after a property, employers will prefer someone who is at least a high school graduate. There is even a chance that experience will take precedent over education when selecting a candidate for the job.

Include caretaking experience
List your caretaking job in chronological order. Include the employer's name, whether you have worked for a family, or an agency. The type of job you have performed. If you have cared for a patient, mention how you managed daily activities. If you have taken care of a property, add the kind of maintenance work you did and other general duties.

Searching for a caretaker job can be tough and exciting. You must introduce yourself in a promising way to leave your imprint on the employer's mind. With these tips and the sample of caretaker resumes here, you can easily win in the job competition.

Sample Resumes

Checkout our resume samples for the various care taker job profiles below :

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