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Health care workers are those dedicate workforce that help patients in recovering from their ailments. These workers are the nurses, physician's assistants, or anyone who can monitor patients' condition and note down responses to change in medications. They take care of people who are physically, mentally and emotionally ill. They work under the supervision of the medical staff and are responsible for checking pulse, blood pressure rates and respiration, administering oral medications and keeping the room clean. Giving massage and alcohol rubs on sore muscles and changing dressings are also their responsibilities.

The duties of the health care worker may vary with the size of the hospital and the number of available staff. In a small hospital with a limited number of beds and staff, she or he may have to carry additional tasks the hospital enforces on her. Large hospitals are usually organized and have a specific set of duty to be executed. Hence, while writing a health care worker resume, know beforehand what you have to do in the job.

Resume Sample

Loretta S. Finley
2187 Stoney Lane
Lewisville, TX 76247

Job Objective:
Seeking an opportunity to work as a health care worker to help the medical team in monitoring patients' conditions and documenting their response to changes in the treatment.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Health Care Worker
Goldenstar Healthcare, Lewisville, TX
2012 - present

Health Care Worker
Silverstar Hospital, Lewisville, TX
2010 - 2012

Associate Degree in Health Science
TriStar Science Institute, Lewisville, TX

Available upon request.

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