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Your resume is the reflection of your history, career, education, achievement and many more. To obtain the right and proper job, you need to write your resume with attention. Your resume should be clear and easy to read. So leave more white space as possible. Most of employers start their resume with self introduction and address at the top.

Recruiters of each field expect special demands from their employers. Education field is also not different field that also demands various specialties. Your resume helps you to get the appropriate position.

First you have to decide for which place you are going to apply. Format, content and length of your resume depend on the positions such as the position of high schoolteacher and university professor.

Before applying for the position, make sure that the position is appropriate position for your qualification. Also you have to check out the exact qualification, desire and expectation of the position that you are going to apply for. You can match your qualification with the qualification mentioned for that appropriate position.

You can use CV format that is curriculum vitae format which is used to apply for the positions such as scientific research and academic educational positions. If you are using CV format then it should be two or more than two pages.

You should include your education, skills, contact information, previous experience if having, other skills and interests, awards and many more things. Except above things education resume requires other things such as teaching experience, professional relations, awards or grants, publications etc.

Your resume is incomplete without cover letter. Cover letter plays an important role in introducing you to an employer. Cover letter helps to identify your goal or the reason applying for that position.

Sample Education Resume

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