Graduate Resume

When you are going to prepare your graduate resume, mention your abilities or skills that help to reflect you. Focus on your skills with the help of action words or you may state your previous experience in simple words.

You may start your resume with your personal details. Mention all things including address, skills, previous experience, education, personal projects, awards etc. You should write your name at the top of CV in larger fonts. Your resume should be in order by category.

Mention about your objective that is your aim and why you are looking for this post. Make sure that your aim should be in three to four sentences. You may also mention here your strengths and the base of its development.

After mentioning your aim, here start the actual format of your resume. The middle part of your resume should be of very clean lines and easy to read. The middle description depends on your education that if you are having graduate degree then it should be of minimum two pages while if you are just out of school then it should be of one page. The font you are using should be medium or of 8 to 10.

Education is most important for the post you are applying for. When you are going to mention your education, start with your recent degree. Include your degree with date, university name and the grade you have obtained. If are having school level education then mention your school name, date and grade.

If you are having any work experience in any field you may mention it in your resume. It is necessary to mention the joining date of your previous job, position that you are working for, the name of your employer. Mention other activities, interests if you are having and other languages that you know. You may also mention reference if you are having.

You have to mention your address, email id with professional name and phone number. After completing the resume, it is necessary to proofread for more than two times to avoid mistakes.

Sample Graduate Resume

Checkout our sample Graduate resumes below :

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