Internship Resume

An effective resume gives you the way to obtain a call for an interview. Your resume should be containing appropriate and selective information about employer and the job position. Work experience is very important to get a powerful job. However, professional experience is not necessary for internship job.

The format of your internship resume should be very simple and easy to read, you can use underline, bold, italic and other formatting to highlight important details. Employer wants information about you such as name, contact number, address, email id that you have to write it at the top of the first page. After that, give your personal information including marital status, religion, age etc. Make use of action verbs to describe your responsibilities and activities.

Mention your current education and the degree you are going to complete with expected date to receive it. You can mention your awards and honors if you have received for the academic year.

Mention all your skills and interests that will help company to know more about you. You may give list about your skills such as foreign languages that you know, organizational skills, computer skills, music, art and other strong knowledge in particular area.

You can give references if you are having it. You may give references of your teachers, professors, supervisors with their current posts, name, addresses, phone numbers etc. Mostly the references are given upon request or typed on sheet papers only.

After completing your resume, it is necessary to take a last look over resume. Check that there is no any grammatical error that may affect capability. There is no any other chance to impress yourself or to create your resume for second time. Therefore it is necessary to avoid errors in resume to get an excellent opportunity.

Sample Internship Resume

Checkout our sample internship resumes below :

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