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The job of a general manager in any mid-size or large corporation is important for business growth. He or she is responsible for myriads of tasks that are essential for the operation of any business. Without this job title, it's tough for any organizations to grow in their respective industry. That's why any company, regardless of the industry, has this job position. This shows that the opportunity for general managers is ample. To achieve this coveted position, you have to draft an impressive general manager resume. It has to emphasize core skills, education, and experience that match perfectly with the job you're seeking. Your focus for drafting the resume must be industry-specific. For instance, let's say you are seeking a general manager position in the hospitality industry. In that case, you need to highlight customer service, businss growth, and recruitment skills.

Tips to Write a General Manager Resume

General managers work in all types of industries from automotive to electronics, retail, construction, consumer goods, and other. In all these sectors, the typical role and responsibilities would be to streamline business operations, building and implementing strategies, budgetting, forecasting, sales, finding new business opportunities, and improving revenue of the company.

1. Draft a compelling Summary Statement - The summary statement in a resume is a brief description about skills, experience, and accomplishments. When drafted precisely and as per the job description, it can help the employer see you can fulfill their needs. It must be drafted using bullet points or a paragraph of four to five lines. To make a powerful summary statement, use this example:

Skilled, talented, hard-working, and accomplished General Manager with 9+ years of experience in planning and implementing strategies that boost the business growth by improving efficiency of business operations, and coordination between managers and the staff. Holds impressive track record of growing business up to 60% in a matter of a year. Handled recruitment, training, budgetting, sales, and public relations.

2. Highlight Your Achievements - General managers have the power to take decisions they deem fit for the business. They are leaders, business experts, team builders, and achievers. As such, employers want a general manager resume that is riddled with achievements and not the types of responsibilities handled. It doesn't matter how you did your job. All that matters is what results you got for the company. Your job experience and achievements have to go with each other. The example of achievement in your general manager resume must be something like this:

General Manager Resume Sample

Michael P. Cahill
65 Hinkle Deegan Lake Road
Liverpool, NY 13088
Phone: 607-261-1971

Career Summary

Self-motivated, diligent, and results-driven General Manager with 8+ years of experience in directing and managing business activities, developing and implementing strategic planning for business growth. Experienced in preparing and allocating budget for multicross departments, preparing and implementing policies, cordinating and overseeing business operations, inspecting and motivating staff, improving administration processes, hiring and training employees, identifying business opportunities, and directing business functions.

Summary of Skills

Work Experience

General Manager
Hawk's Watch, Liverpool, NY
October 2017 - Present

General Manager
Laurel Barrel, Liverpool, NY
March 2014 - September 2017

General Manager
Mint Corporation, Liverpool, NY
July 2011 - February 2014


Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
ABC University, Liverpool, NY

Associate's Degree in Finance
ABC University, Liverpool, NY


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