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Crafting a manager resume is as tough as managing a department. Whether you are in sales, accounting, HR, production, maintenance, or logistics, showcasing your skills in a convincing and positive manner is not easy. Since you are the leader of any one of the department you are experienced working in, employers expect you to be a winner rather than a navigator. Hiring authorities want to see you as winner, talented, and a gifted individual who can help the business grow and optimize the business processes.

Here are some tips to draft your manager resume:

Create an effective executive summary

Do remember that you are applying for a manager's position and not a fresher one. As such, you cannot start your resume with “Job Objective.” It would have been acceptable if you were just starting your career and not after being experienced. Thus, sum your achievement and the main qualities of yours and craft an interesting executive summary. For example, if you are applying for a sales manager position, you executive summary must pitch your sales skills along with a narration of your achievements.

Example: Self-driven individual and passionate sales professional with strong experience in developing and marketing electronics products and proven track records of boosting sales from 30 to 60 percent. Proficient in leading a sales team of 20 odd people, setting and achieving target, and meeting goals and budget.

Display your business knowledge and technical skills

Managers must have strong business knowledge and technical skills. As they are responsible for bringing profit and reducing losses to the company, their abilities in making decision, controlling finance, preparing budget, and resolving issues related to customers, production, and distribution are highly important. List down your skills and place it under the headline “Core Competencies.” As a sales manager, you can list your skills and qualities in this way:

In short, everything that you put under “Core Competencies” must reflect your personality as a manager.

Career Highlights

Another section that will boost your selection or urge the hiring authority to call you for an interview is “Career Highlights.” This is your chance to show that you are a winner and an achiever. Add your achievements from projects that you have handled in your previous or current employment. However, when narrating them, ensure that you make use of action verbs. The words should quantify your performance. However, they should not be ones used by millions. It would sound boring. Just present the facts and figures with examples.

For example, let's assume you have been assign a project to lift the sale of a sagging product that has become a white elephant for the company and causing a heavy loss. WIth your talent and charisma, you not only brought down the loss to zero, but also helped in gaining control over 40% of the total market share.

With this type of achievement, any hiring authority will get impatient to meet you. Just ensure that whatever you have written on the resume is totally true.

Resume Format matters

Just like we pick a book looking at its cover, the same way the format makes it interesting in reading the resume. As an industry standard, the most popular one these days are the chronological format. By using it, you are going to describe your current experience first followed by the next one and son on. This means you first job will appear last and the current one on the top.

Remember a good manager resume does makes a difference in your selection. If you are able to present your skills and achievements in the best possible manner, only then can you expect a call for the interview.

Sample Manager Resume

Checkout our sample manager resumes below :

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