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Climbing up on the ladder of hierarchy and becoming a manager is a moment that you will cherish forever. To make this moment arrive at an early stage and without facing much hassles in your life, you need to have a resume that is equipped with adequate information for the employer to analyze your competency. Not having such a resume ready will definitely act as a setback in your career. Therefore, to reach where you aspire to reach in your career, you need the support of a perfect resume that will benefit you and the employer and open the doors to the world of excellence as you tread on the career path.

A property development manager is one individual who works towards the development of business processes of a real estate agency. He is the one who suggests acquisition of plots and constructing a residential or commercial structure. He is involved in the design and development of architectural designs and supervises the construction process as well. Post construction, he assists in the promotion and marketing of the buildings. He also looks after the maintenance and renovation of existing structures and demolition of structures that cannot be renovated. He is in-charge of several other activities that go hand in hand with real estate development.

This position is for the experienced professionals and your resume needs to reflect the professionalism acquired through years of hard work and dedication. You need to recall all your experiences and enlist the job duties assigned to you. Do not forget to mention your professional achievements and your participation in tasks that were/are not a part of your routine duties.

Rather than discussing further about writing a perfect property development manager, we would help you by providing a sample resume for further guidance.

Property Development Manager Resume Sample

Personal Information

Ronald M. Witherson
302 South Hill Drive
Boston, Massachusetts 35210

Career Objective

Having worked in the real estate sector for a while, I now aspire to work in a managerial position and serve an organization that values my experience and allows me to work and excel in this industry

Summary of Skills

Details of Work Experience

Assistant Property Development Manager
Pablo Construction and Developers
Employed since September 2005

Job Responsibilities

Assistant Property Development Manager
Glendale Real Estate Developers
Employed from June 2000 to August 2005

Job Responsibilities

Educational Qualifications and Certifications


Available on request

Remember that the sample property development manager resume is just an illustration to show you how precise and informative your resume should be. Feel free to add additional information in your resume that you think is vital for the employer. All the best!

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