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From the very beginning of time, the inventions and discoveries of human beings are the most significant, just next to the evolution of humans itself. With time, there have been many advancements in life, science, technology, arts, and every other walk of life. All of this has happened solely due to the ever curious and hard working soul that resides in the body of every human being. Every organization that has achieved success recognizes the importance of human resource and also of the person who will be handling this department.

A regional HR manager is responsible for handling staffing, training, appraisal, and promotions in the assigned region. He has to coordinate with employment agencies, colleges, universities, and other institutes that act as a source of providing human resources for the organization. He also verifies and approves staffing requirements provided by the department heads of their respective centers. The regional HR manager also defines and revises policies related to the various activities that go within the human resource department.

An ideal regional HR manager resume will be the one that is tailored according to the industry standards and the job requirements. An employer will be impressed with the information and its relevance to the job, not with any fancy paper or font that you may use to draft the resume. However, the length of the resume and its clarity is definitely an important factor that decides the fate of the resume. You should mention all that is needed using a language that represents you as a confident, yet modest professional.

Rather than discussing further, we would like you to read the sample of regional HR manager resume provided below and accordingly draft a personalized resume for maximum advantage.

Sample Resume

Personal Information

Matthew B. Symon
2071 Russell Street
Detroit, Michigan 36214

Career Objective

Looking for the position of regional HR manager in an organization where I can prove my expertise in this profession and achieve success with consistent hard work

Summary of Skills

Details of Work Experience

Designation: HR Manager
Organization: Watson Inc.
Duration: October 2006 to present

Job Responsibilities

Designation: Assistant HR Manager
Organization: Zimmerman Industries
Duration: August 2000 - September 2006

Job Responsibilities:

Educational Qualifications and Certifications


Will be provided on request

This sample of regional HR manager resume explains all that you need to learn about resume writing. Using this template, you can create a personalized resume that will help you get noticed and selected for the interview as you apply for a job. All the best for your future!

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