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The duties and responsibilities a manager handle would differ as per the industry he or she works for. As a manager, you can work in IT, retail, manufacturing, or service-based industry. So depending on the field, a manager resume has to be written specific to the industry.

To work in a managerial position, irrespective of the industry, there are some common traits, which are desirable in a candidate. While the job description can be an excellent source to know the requirements, a well-structured resume can increase your chances of landing the job. The internet has plenty of examples and even tips on how to write a manager resume for different industries, but tailoring it as per the job is an essential factor of you want to make the right impact. These templates might provide you with ideas, but following points are recommended for a manager resume.

Select the best suitable format:

Since it is one of the top profile positions, opting for the right format and knowing what to include in it is a crucial part of drafting a resume. The chronological format is usually used as hiring managers are more familiar with it and is legible to understand an individual's work history. Another way is, using a functional format. It consists of normal sections with an added section for accomplishments. Use the format you are comfortable with or on what you want to project more to a recruiter.

Personal Information:

In this section of your document, put your full name, mobile number, email address on which you can be contacted on. Employers also want to see your residential address so that they can communicate with you through post.

Manager Resume

Ditch the objective – go for career summary:

While the ultimate motto is securing a job, everyone knows that this is the very purpose of an individual drafting a resume. The first thing that recruiters notice is how you begin your document. Hence, if you want to grab a few eyeballs, stress should be on what goes in the top section of your marketing tool. Since this is a senior position, writing a career summary that talks about vital skills, quantifiable achievement is a must. Make sure that the summary is to the point and is written in 3-4 sentences.

Show your personality:

Managerial skills are a key part of this position. You have all the qualities of a manager but the best way to prioritize your abilities is by referring to job description. Employers often list out the type of skills they are searching in a prospective candidate. This often includes common managerial skills like good organizational abilities, time-management, good communication and interpersonal skills, healthy relationship-building ability, problem solving, forward strategy planning, administrative and financial skills and leadership qualities. Review the post you are applying for and then decide the order in which these skills must be highlighted.

Demonstrate results

As the main task of a manager is supervising staff and ensuring timely completion of a project, any employer would look for what extraordinary achievements you have under your belt. The hiring managers demand action-oriented individuals and hence, it is important to fill the work experience section with power packed bullet points and the right action verbs. Employers are clear about this section. You might have a variable work history and have managed complicated projects in big firms, but it is important to show this to a recruiter. Always begin with bullet points and add keywords in this section. These include words like supervise, analyze, interpret, manage, monitor, collaborate, assign, plan, schedule, resolve and many others.

Add a brief educational section

The managerial post comes in the upper hierarchy of any company. Therefore, a bachelor's degree and experience are prerequisites for this post. Some organizations may demand a post graduate degree or certain certifications. Add all this in a separate section and write it to the point. Keeping it concise helps the hiring manager understand your academic background. Include the latest degree, certifications and licenses under this sub-heading. Without giving many description, just include your degree name, Alma mater, year of graduation and if insisted in job description major/minor subjects.


A reference section is not a necessity for this post, and you can add just a line that the information would be made available on request.

Manager resumes must spell confidence and achievements. They should not have spelling and grammatical errors and relay specific information. To help you draft a compelling document, we have here manager resume samples that cover most of the fields.

Sample Manager's Resume

Checkout our sample Manager's resumes below :

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