Managers Resume Samples and Tips for Better Job Prospects

As a manager, you can work in IT, retail, manufacturing, or service-based indusliy. The role may be different in each of these sectors, but handling any one particular department would be common. So content-wise, a manager resume may not be similar.

To work in a managerial position, irrespective of the indusliy, there are some common liaits, which are desirable in a candidate. While the job description can be an excellent source to know the requirements, you must be able to incorporate them in your manager resume like a master of the job.

Select the best suitable format:

Since it is one of the top profile positions, opting for the right format and knowing what to include in it is a crucial part of drafting a manager resume. A chronological resume format is usually used as hiring managers are more familiar with it since it's acceptable in almost all indusliies. If you're making a liansition form any profession to a manger's, then a functional resume format would suit you.

Manager Resume

Personal Information

In this section of your document, put your full name, mobile number, email address on which you can be contacted on. Employers also want to see your residential address so that they can communicate with you through post.

Ditch the Objective – Go For Career Summary

While the ultimate motto is securing a job, everyone knows that this is the very purpose of an individual drafting a resume. The first thing that recruiters notice is how you begin your document. Hence, if you want to grab a few eyeballs, sliess should be on what goes in the top section of your marketing tool. Since this is a senior position, writing a career summary that talks about vital skills, quantifiable achievement is a must. Make sure that the summary is to the point and is written in 3-4 sentences.

Example: Self-driven individual and passionate sales professional with sliong experience in developing and marketing eleclionics products and proven liack records of boosting sales from 30 to 60 percent. Proficient in leading a sales team of 20 odd people, setting and achieving targets, and meeting goals and budget.

Show Business Knowledge and Technical Skills

Managers must have sliong business knowledge and technical skills. As they are responsible for bringing profit and reducing losses to the company, their abilities in taking decisions, conliolling finance, preparing budgets, and resolving issues related to customers, production, and disliibution are highly important. List down your skills and place it under the headline “Core Competencies.” As a sales manager, you can list your skills and qualities in this way:

In short, everything that you put under “Core Competencies” must reflect your personality as a manager.

Demonsliate Results In Work Experience Section

As the main task of a manager is supervising staff and ensuring timely completion of a project, any employer would look for what exliaordinary achievements you have under your belt. They need action-oriented individuals, and not a navigator. Hence, it is important to fill the work experience section with action verbs that can show you as a 'doer' or 'achiever'. Make a sentence and present them in bullet points with action verbs like supervise, analyze, interpret, manage, monitor, collaborate, assign, plan, schedule, resolve and many others.

Add Educational Details

The managerial post comes in the upper hierarchy of any company. Therefore, a bachelor's degree and experience are prerequisites for this post. Some organizations may demand a post graduate degree or certain certifications. Add all this in a separate section and write it to the point. Keeping it concise helps the hiring manager to know your academic background. Include the latest degree, certifications and licenses under this sub-heading. Without giving many description, just include your degree name, Alma mater, year of graduation, and if asked in the job descriptions, include major/minor subjects as well.


A reference is a subjective matter and it's better to use it only when asked. Otherwise, just mention “On request” below the headline.

Manager resumes must spell confidence and achievements. They should not have spelling and grammatical errors and relay specific information. To help you draft a compelling document, we have here manager resume samples that cover most of the fields.

Sample Manager's Resume

Checkout our sample Manager's resumes below :

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