Junior Loan Officer Resume

Working as a junior loan officer is a great way of entering the banking or financial field. This position helps the candidates to get acquainted with the way work proceeds at a financial organization. The knowledge thus gained in the process is sure to help job seekers to plan their career and excel in finance field. If you are keen on knowing about the qualities required and the functions performed at this position, refer to the given junior loan officer resume.

Loan refers to a certain sum of amount that people take from financial institutes and are expected to pay back on a later date. A loan officer does the responsible job of ensuring that the customers fulfill all the necessary paperwork before taking the loan. Financial institutes lay down certain rules and regulations to determine whom to give the loan. The loan officer evaluates customers need for loan, their capacity to pay back, their personal and financial background, etc. Based on this information, he determines if a loan should be given or not, the amount, the period of loan, installments amount, etc. Further, the jobholder is responsible to manage the documentation related to the loan process, prepare payment and interest charts and coordinate between the organization and the clients throughout the loan processing stage.

Junior Loan officer Resume Template

Peter J. Doucette
4599 Hill Street
Mendon, OH 45862
Phone: 419-795-8910
Email: pjdoucette@freemail.com

Career Objective:

To work as a junior loan officer and learn the procedures and regulations of granting loans by taking and executing instructions from the seniors and learn to handle higher responsibilities efficiently.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Junior Loan Officer
Mint Bank, Mendon, OH
October 2015 - Present

Trainee Loan Officer
ABC Bank, Mendon, OH
February 2012 - September 2015



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