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An officer is a member of Navy, army, air force, coast guard, marines or sometimes a person offering uniformed service holding a position of responsibility. Or you can say he is an authorized person who handles an office on trust or in an organization, such as a corporation or government.

There are many types of officer's positions available as per the requirements from the different fields of education. Several types of officers include information system officers, loan officers, chief executive officers, chief finance officer, and many more.

An armed force officer is a person in military who handles all the tasks and responsibilities of an army. Likewise commissioned officers in the military are those who able to exercise command over a military unit.

Loan officers are there to help people who want to buy a car, home or college education. They also offer proper guidance to potential borrowers having problems for qualifying for traditional loans. These officers are generally specialized in consumer, commercial or mortgage loans and they guide clients thought out the process of applying for a loan.

With the advancement in the organizations and their dependency on IT and importance of internal communications, many organizations recruiting Information system officers or managers now a days.

The role of the information system officer depends on the organization, but the duties depend on the unrestricted flow of information between external and internal clients in hard as well as electronic format.

The post of an information system officer is mostly founded in local authorities, funded and public organizations, also in legal and financial sectors.

While writing an officer's resume mention all your outstanding interpersonal skills and activities. This is very important because an officer must liaise with other every areas of the organization. Also if you have done something for the organization that is beneficiary to increase profit of the company, then lists this under the achievements section.

Mention your past experience with details including employers and organization name and address. Also mention your responsibilities at the job place.

Sample Officer Resume

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