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An operator is a person who operates several kinds of machines or devices. The job profile of an operator depends upon the machine or device a person is operating. So there are various jobs for an operator such as communication equipment operators, computer operators, heavy equipment operators, construction equipment operators.

The task of computer operator is to see whether the hardware system of computer is operating efficiently or not. They may have to work with minicomputers, mainframes or networks of personal computers. By anticipating problems computer operators take preventive action and solve problems that will occur during operations.

While construction operators use heavy machinery to move construction materials and other heavy materials at mines and construction sites. The heavy equipment are operated by an operator that are required to clear and grade land for the construction of buildings, roads and bridges.

Most of the communication equipment operators get an opportunity to work as switchboard operators for an array of several institutions such as business support services, hospitals and employment services. Addition to their responsibilities they do certain clerical tasks such as handling messages, giving out information and receiving visitors.

When you are going to apply for the position of an operator, resume is the most important thing on which you have to focus. The resume should be well organized and printed on a quality bond paper.

The section of an operators resume should include an objective, work experience, education, activities and skills. Make use of certain text formatting utilities such as bold, italics or underline to emphasis relevant sections in the resume.

List out your work experience if you have worked somewhere before applying for the job position. Mention your past experience in the reverse chronological order, so that your current company experience comes at the top.

Highlight your skills and activities such as

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