Choreographer Resume

Choreographer is a dance director or dance teacher. His responsibility is to direct a dance performance in front of the camera or stage. In order to produce a coordinated dance performance, the choreographer may also select all the dancers in a group performance. Choreographers need to be well versed in different forms and techniques of dance and updated with all developments in their field. But the best choreographers are those who experiment and innovate. The most important requirement is his or her interest in dance. Courses upto post graduations are available and they can find employment in cinema, Broadway circuit and theater.

Sample Choreographer Resume

Craig Stevens
1292 W. University Avenue
Munice, IN 47306
Telephone Number: 800-382-1823
Email id:

Objective: Position of a choreographer with a reputed film studio or theater.


Professional Experience: Education
20XX to 20XX Everts College of Dance, New Jersey

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