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The arts stream covers a broad spectrum of careers, necessitating different skill sets and qualifications. What makes this career stream desirable is the association of varied fields and creative aspects. Right from graphic designers to painters, everyone is an artist. Though this is not an exclusive club for creative geniuses, every individual with dedication and talent is able to develop compelling art forms. All this necessitates that while applying for a job in this field, you draft an art resume that is able to highlight your expertise in the correct manner.

An art resume needs to include the following:

Name and Contact Information

In this section, first you have to mention your full name at the top of page and it should be larger in font size than the remaining information presented. Then follows your mailing address, email address, phone number, fax number and Website (if any).


After providing your personal information, list all the honors received and academic degrees earned. Mention schools, colleges, and universities you attended. You can also list the additional classes or workshops you attended and the notable teachers or artists you have studied with.

Honors and Awards/Grants

Art Resume

Mention all your merits, prizes won, grants received, exhibitions held, competitions, scholarships, fellowships and other recognition achieved.


Under this category, mention all articles on your work, television and radio interviews, reviews in magazines, books, catalogs and newspapers who have published your art work.


List the exhibitions you have made, along with their details likes name, place, space and such other details. Also, you can divide this section into separate categories such as; group shows, solo shows, invitational exhibitions and exhibitions.


This section can be divided into corporate, private and permanent public collections. Seek permissions before mentioning the name of the private owner of your work.

Professional Affiliations

Mention professional organizations, local, regional and national to which you belong. If you have served as a volunteer, or held a position within the organization, then mention this information as well.

Related Work Experience / Professional Experience

In this field, artists may write about the experiences that they feel are relevant to their profession. This may include:

Under this category, few artists also include some information that does not neatly fall into any of the other categories on their resume.

Various Samples of Art Resumes

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