Dancer Resume

A dancer entertains people by the inherent skills that he/she possesses. Although dancing can be taught, and there are certainly many dance classes going around the town, still dancing skills have got to be innate. It is an art form, which gives pleasure to one who watches it and also to the performer. There are many types of dances like ballet, tap dance, belly dance, samba, ball dance etc. For some people dance is just a hobby while for some it is a career of a lifetime, while for others it is their life. This sample resume is of such a dancer, who has performed various dance shows and is intent on joining a dance troupe.

Sample Dancer Resume

Chad Gomez
328, Hyatt Avenue,
New Castle, DE, 29834
(827) 623- 8943

Objective: To enter in a dance troupe based on the shows which I have performed which will give me an even better platform to pursue my liking.

Professional Experience:

Experience: Education:
20XX - 20XX Marks and Goodman College, Nashville Training:

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