Digital Photographer Resume

Digital photography is the latest trend in the field of photography. Hence, we have attempted at presenting a resume that highlights the peculiar traits of this profile. It showcases the importance of technology in photography. If you are keen on upgrading your profile as a digital photographer then this copy of a digital photographer resume will help you in this regard.

A digital photographer performs all those duties that a typical photographer is expected to perform. However the difference lies in the technology that they use for this purpose. A digital photographer uses advanced photography and editing software to develop photographs and customize it as per the user requirements. The photographers use a digital camera designed with latest technology to click pictures. The advantage they get is that they are able to view the clicked pictures immediately and hence, can check for errors. In case the photograph does not match with the expected results, they can shoot it again. Also, the digital photographers enjoy the liberty of enhancing the picture quality by adding colors, changing background, giving effects, etc. A photographer undertakes journalism, modeling, wildlife, or event assignments. The principles and techniques of photography used for these assignments differ as per the nature of the assignments. A photographer travels extensively to capture photographs against the right background. Also, the more he explores, the more he gets to widen his perspective. Hence, if you are eying a career as a photographer then get ready to travel, experiment and explore this art as much as possible.

Sample Digital Photographer Resume

Jasper Gilchrist
14, North Avenue, Berkeley Hills,
Los Angeles, CA 57784
Contact: 322 - 745 - 8986
Email Id:

Career Objective

Secure the position of a digital photographer and utilize my photography skills to capture photographs. To get an opportunity where I can challenge my abilities to the fullest level and gain expertise in this field.

Key Skills

Qualifications Summary

Work Experience

Designation: Digital Photographer
Organization: James & Clark Photography Services
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Duration: June 2010 - till date

Designation: Junior Digital Photographer
Organization: Mesmerize Photography Works
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Duration: June 2009 - May 2010


Professional Flexibility Attributes

Personal Details

Name: Jasper Gilchrist
Date of Birth: June 12th 1987
Sex: Male
Marital Status: Unmarried
Hobbies: Photography, Designing
Citizenship: USA citizen


Adam Perry
Position: Lead Photographer
Organization: James & Clark Photography Services, Los Angeles
Contact Number: 322 - 745 - 8856
Email Id:

We have presented here a digital photography resume to support the job seekers in planning their resume format. The responsibilities given here are generic to the profile of a photographer. Hence, we expect the job seekers to customize this template and write details of their qualifications and experience.

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