Film Production Assistant Resume

A film production assistant takes care of the production aspects of the film. These include handling the operational aspects of major outdoor and indoor activities, document daily developments for reference of superior positions, handling censor and other statutory authorities/details, labor administration, allocation and accounting of funds and related matters. The remuneration packages in this line of work are excellent. A degree in film studies or a course in film appreciation is necessary for acquainting with all the theoretical aspects. A PhD in these studies is an added advantage and will be sought by employers.

Sample Film Production Assistant Resume

Bob Donald
1823 Tracy Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Telephone No: 323-225-1937


Seeking the position of film production assistant with a major film production company or studio.

Experience Summary:

Professional Experience:

Production Assistant, July 20XX to Present
ABC Productions, New Jersey

Writing, July 20XX to August 20XX
Giant Media Productions, New Jersey Education

20XX - 20XX John School of Arts, New Jersey
Bachelor of Arts in Film Production


Furnished upon request.

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