Junior Photographer Resume

For all photography enthusiasts, the best way to get into this industry is to work as a junior photographer. Here is a junior photographer resume template to help you make your resume and seek jobs ideal for entry level.

One may say that taking photographs is the only responsibility of a photographer. However, it is not true. There are several other tasks performed by him. Besides, there are several areas of specialization for a photographer - wildlife, fashion, nature, journalism, etc. These responsibilities of a junior photographer are specific to his area of specialization. We have considered a generic profile of a photographer who works on contractual basis and undertakes photography assignments. He may take up photography projects to make individual portfolios, or to take pictures at corporate and family functions. While clicking pictures, he must take care of the photography apparatus and the surroundings. He must make sure that the light arrangements and background are appropriate for photography. Also, installing, operating and repairing the equipments is done by the photographer. A photographer may work during the day or late in evenings, indoors or outdoors, as per the project requirements.

Junior Photographer Resume Example

Fiona Salvatore

Contact Details
15 North, Cavendish Street, Tucson, AZ 87741
588 - 164 - 2326

Career Objective

To acquire the position of a junior photographer and undertake challenging photography assignments that will help me master the art of photography. To learn and excel under expert guidance and acquire expertise at handling projects independently

Key Skills

Work Experience

Junior Photographer
Mirror Magazine, Tucson
July 2010 - till date

Assistant Photographer
Style -on Magazine, Tucson
April 2009 - June 2010

Photography Intern
Revolution Newspapers, Tucson
September 2008 - March 2009

Educational Qualifications



Martin Gayle
Chief Photographer
Mirror Magazine, Tucson
588 - 262 - 7879

Photography is a field that does not require rigid educational qualifications. It requires professional photography training and passion towards the art of capturing moments on camera. Continuous practice and upgrading the photography techniques constantly are the tricks for surviving in this career. You are free to pursue your career in this challenging profile by starting your job search using this junior photographer resume.

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