Theatrical Director Resume

Most people believe that acting in theater is difficult than that in films and television. This is because in the theater you cannot retake any of the scenes. Whatever you have to do, you've got only one chance and in that you have to do it perfect. Even more difficult is the task of a theater director, because he has to get the acting done in the right way. Moreover, in the theater you have to keep in mind what the audience wants and strive to please them since you have got only one chance to do so. This sample resume is of such a theatrical director. You can surely use it.

Sample Theatrical Director Resume

Casey Russell
837, Finnish Drive,
Seaford, DE, 43659
(864) 762- 4578

Objective: To direct world class plays and honor the noble tradition that has been carried on by the theater since ages.

Professional Skills:

Key Directorial Efforts: Education
20XX - 20XX James College, Camden, NJ References

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