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When you're writing a resume, it must truly reflect your profession. For instance, the video editor profession is one that requires lots of precision and great attention to detail in order to collect video files and make a final product that aptly convey the intended message. This is to say that your editor resume must be as specific and detailed just like your work. However, when drafting it, you must intend on outperforming the competitors and winning the job. While this may say seem like 'easy said, then done,' a good video resume sample can make it easy like the one given below.

Video Editor Resume Sample

Gary D. Dews
2778 Michigan Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
Phone: 724-597-0473

Professsional Summary

Talented and highly-skilled Video Editor with 7+ years of experience in assembling recorded footage and preparing final products that convey intended message to the target audience in a precise manner. Skilled in editing video files aligned with director's vision, and ready for broadcasting. Adept at merging sight and sound and presenting engaging and cohesive stories. Sound working knowledge of editing equipment and producing impressive images for final videos.

Summary of Skills

Work Experience

Video Editor
Bright Star Broadcasting, Pittsburgh, PA
October 2018 - Present

Video Editor
Hawk Film Makers, Pittsburgh, PA
August 2015 - September 2015

Video Editor
Purple Enterprises, Pittsburgh, PA
March 2012 - July 2015


Bachelor's Degree in Film Production
ABC University, Pittsburgh, PA


On request.

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