Video Editor Resume

A video editor can find employment at many places, like in a film industry, theater, and corporate company or else he can work as a freelancer. He is the person who compiles all the things required for making the final film, like shooting, dialogues, sound effects, graphics, etc. and then broadcasts it. Most of the times, the employers hire video editors for a short term on a contract basis. Hence, the video editors get an opportunity to work in different areas and places. This particular applicant wishes to work in a television or production studio so that he would help the organization grow.

Sample Video Editor Resume

Richard Markas,
64, East 67 Street,
Modesto, California, 09164,
(917)-617 0318 Objective:

Looking to work as a video editor in a production house or television where my creativity, skills and experience can help in learning and growing the company.


Work History:

Video Editor, NTV Production, Modesto, California

Responsibilities as a video editor include assembling the raw footage, screenplay, outlining of footage. Responsible for the transfer of the camera shots into high format video tape. Gather uncut rushes and sounds, store them and synchronize them accordingly. Determine the sequence of the film by cutting files digitally and use the usable parts in the film.

Editor, One Way Studio, Los Angles, California

Responsibilities include ensure the progress and quality of the audio and video editing. Help and consult the director and producer throughout the pre and post production processes. Assemble the final final video production.


University of California, California
Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Designing

Certified Course in Video Editing


Mr. Jonathan Roger
NTV Production, Modesto, California

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