Junior Consultant Resume

Consultants play an important role in a majority of industries. The field of business is no exception to this need, and hence we have business experts working as consultants and providing advisory services to clients. If you think you have sufficient knowledge and experience in business management, and you could make a career as a consultant, then here is a junior consultant resume for your reference.

A business consultant is an expert in business administration. He uses this knowledge to guide the management in carrying out the business operations. He advises seniors in setting goals for individuals, departments and organization as a whole. He develops plans and strategies to ensure that the organization earn estimated profits. He helps the organization overcome risks and financial crunches effectively. His guidance in managing the resources contributes tremendously towards the success of the organization. A consultant can choose to work as a full-time employee and provide guidance to the organization at every step of its progress. Alternatively, he can work for an advisory and provide counseling services to numerous organizations. In either profiles, his core responsibilities remain the same.

Sample Resume

Meagan Lewis
18, North Block, Surrey Drive
Port Angeles, WA 56321
Phone: 755-784-1264
Email Id: meaganlewis@example.com

Career Objective
Aiming at working as a junior consultant and providing intellectual services to organizations by helping them make plans, develop strategies and carry out business operations profitably.

Work Experience:

Junior Consultant
Mayfair Group of Industries, Tucson, AZ
January 2010 - till date

Trainee Consultant
Success Business Consultants, Tucson, AZ
July 2006 - December 2009

Previous Work Experience:
Have 3 years of experience in looking after the operations of a business enterprise. Supported the administration department in planning and implementing strategies. Handled other tasks such as resource management, financial planning, risk and emergencies controlling, staffing, establishing inter-departmental coordination, and strategy making of a manufacturing unit.

Key Professional Skills:

Educational Qualifications:

Mr. Edward Fredrick
Chief Business Planner
Oracle Advertising Agency, Tucson
Contact Details : 677-254-8986

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