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Problems in professional and personal lives are bound to arise. No matter how hard we try to escape them, they keep appearing. If we are not able to deal with them, the best way to get a solution is to visit a consultant. Consultants are the subject-matter experts who are qualified, experienced and licensed to give advice to clients on myriad of issues. We can approach them for doubling up money, overcoming depression, patching up with spouse, switching a career, anything that troubles us. However, not all consultants would be able to guide us in all aspects. We have to find one who is expert in dealing with our problems. If giving advice to people bogged down with their problems is your career, follow these tips on writing a consultant resume that can be applied for any field of your expertise.

As a resume is used to highlight your career, there is a career objective section in it to provide a snapshot of your experience and abilities to help the organization. However, you must write it in two sentences at the most. A clear, short and definite objective statement is enough for the employers to identify whether you are worth for them or not. There is no strict rule to be followed in writing the objective. Just mention your years of experience, the position you are looking for and main skills you possess for the job.

Example: Computer consultant with 12 years of experience worked for two IT companies offering support services and handling customer relationship management. Holds a master's degree in programming and seeking for a global computer consultant position.

After objective, another important section is the key skills. You can also make these headings as 'Summary of skills,' 'Key competencies,' or 'Areas of Strengths.' Qualities such as leading a team, setting and meeting project deadlines, language ability, software competencies are points to be included.

While objective and skills sections help in crossing half the selection criteria, the remaining fifty lies on how your professional experiences are described. Since the consultant position is for experts only, the employers will not call you for an interview if you just mention the duties handled. You have to convey your accomplishments. Employers know the kind of responsibilities a consultant shoulders. Hence, describe how your consultancy helped clients in shaping their personal and professional lives.

The last two sections are 'Education' and 'Reference.' Mention the relevant education you took to become a consultant. Include any additional course and training that you have completed relating to coaching. Finally, provide some references or simply mention 'Will be provided on request.'

Besides going and sticking to these given tips, you must also go through resume samples to get the feel of layout and formatting. For that, use the links provided below.

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