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If you are passionate about traveling and love exploring different regions and culture, then you can very well transform this passion into a full time career. You can take up the role of a travel consultant with leading travel agencies. This opportunity will allow you to use your knowledge and understanding about various tourist destinations constructively. You can use the given junior travel consultant resume sample for reference to enter this field.

A travel consultant is the one who advises the clients on the destinations to visit in vacations. He helps them plan a fun and safe vacation. A junior travel consultant performs similar responsibilities but works under the discretion of his seniors. He gathers details about the client's needs and makes plans for the vacation. Based on the gathered information, he enlists few names of suitable travel destinations. Once a place is selected, he makes necessary arrangements for the travel and ensures a hassle free travel for his clients.

Refer to the given resume template to understand the exact nature of his profile.

Susan Nelson
15, Victoria Park, New York, NY
699 - 588 - 4745

Career Objective

Seeking an opportunity to work as a junior travel consultant where I can enhance my experience in planning travel itinerary and making relevant bookings

Summary of Key Skills

Work Experience

Designation: Junior Travel Consultant
Organization: Go Air Travel Consultants, New York
Duration: April 2010 - till date


Designation: Trainee Travel Consultant
Organization: Aim High Travel Consultants, New York
Duration: January 2009 - March 2010


Educational Qualifications


Name: Frank Peterson
Designation: Sr. Travel Consultant
Organization: Go Air Travel Consultants, New York
Contact Number: 699 - 585 - 2326
Email Id: frankpeterson@example.com

This junior travel consultant resume sample is just an example of drafting a professional resume. Job seekers are free to customize this sample as per their work experience. Make sure that your resume is so personalized that it reflects your career profile, without losing its professional essence. We hope that you will find the tips and resume format useful in your resume writing task.

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