Property Valuer Resume

The job of a property valuer is to evaluate properties and provide their accurate market value. He has to inspect the property with a view of future prospects. To do this job, he will consider the location of the property, the neighboring area, basic facilities and the pace of development taking place in and around that location before concluding the final market value. He will take photographs of the properties and prepare detailed reports regarding the various attributes that contribute to the value of the property.

Therefore, when applying for a property valuer position, you must include your capabilities of handling every aspect of the job necessary in evaluating a property. Since evaluating a property in terms of money for its current and future (minimum 10 years ahead) price needs good mathematical and analytical skills, you must not miss these two skills in the resume. Other necessary skills are included in this sample resume.

Sample Resume

Francis J. Regan
3012 Coleslaw Avenue
Jackson, Mississippi 23640

Career Objective:
A property valuer position in a real estate company, bank or a financial firm to apply my mathematical and analytical skills in finding accurate market value of properties.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

<Property Valuer
Stanley Real Estate, Jackson, Mississippi
2011 - present

Property Valuer
Walter & Moses Real Estate, Jackson, Mississippi
2008 - 2011

Education and Certification:
Master's Degree in Business Administration
Central Mississippi University, Jackson, Mississippi - 2006
Certified Property Valuer
Federal Association of Urban Development

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