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General engineering is a wide concept since it is applied in cosmetic, aerospace, and other industries. But when this particular specialty is spoken of, people immediately relate it with civil engineering. As such, a person with general engineering degree will design, and build buildings, and bridges. Let us narrow it down and refer the profession to as an architectural engineer for easy understanding.

Since math and science are the two core subjects in all engineering disciplines, an architectural engineer has to be proficient in these two subjects. On the job front, he or she applies the principles of structural design and general engineering concepts for the construction of buildings or other sites. Instead of the look and style, the jobholder's main focus will be on the feasibility of the structure, and to cover different points like ventilation, drainage system, and air conditioning.

Further, the architectural engineers emphasize structural stability in place of the aesthetic concerns. These engineers are also responsible for constructing buildings as per clients' demand. This calls for a high degree of creativity and strong imagination skills to deliver expectations of clients. The engineers might be involved in new projects or work on renovating old projects. To be successful in this profession, a candidate must reflect skills like ability to visualize a project, excellent communication skills and capacity to work with the team. Check out the resume below to get an idea of the responsibilities handled in this profile.

Sample General Engineer Resume

Albert D. Quinton
914 Delaware Street, Apt. #8
Berkeley, CA 94710
Phone: 415-903-2378

Career Summary:

Reliable and experienced Architectural Engineer with exemplary records of accomplishing projects on time and to client satisfaction. Exceptional ability to conceptualize durability and sustainability of structures. Expertise in various construction techniques and adept at executing project plans within budget.

Summary of Skills:

Work Experience:

Senior Architectural Engineer
Ballard Unique Constructions and Designs, Berkeley, CA
February 2016 – Present

Junior Architectural Engineer
Ballard Unique Constructions and Designs, Berkeley, CA
September 2013 – February 2016

Assistant Architectural Engineer
Tywerk Creative Solutions, Berkeley, CA
June 2011 – August 2013

Education: Reference:

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